Moiraine’s World was started by accident. I came across Nynaeve Rules one day, and thought, “There should be a Moiraine fanclub”. And then promptly forgot about the whole idea for about a year. Or at least it felt like a year. However long it was, I never thought I would be the one to make it. So how did it happen? Okay, well, I was on a high after making my first website(which I will never, ever, EVER show a living soul), and figured I’d make one about Moiraine. This was in early 2001. I didn’t plan on doing anything with it until that following September. Which is why it has a very cheesy name. But that’s another story. For some reason I decided to sign the guestbook over at N.R. and use my new URL instead of my other site(may it rest in peace). I think I had ten words total on the whole site, so imagine my surprise when the Amyrlins wanted to link me. So, any small tinkle of success Moiraine’s World has received is due in large part to those crazy Nynaeve fans. The Light burn them!

The site continues to grow, slowly but surely (and sometimes quickly). Believe it or not, I do listen to your suggestions. So keep sending them in!

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