Channelers and the Men Who Love Them; S1 E10 Scream

Channelers and the Men Who Love Them

Episode Ten – Scream

Dead. Nynaeve was dead. No matter how long she stared at the words they failed to make sense. Death by One Power. Moiraine set the note aside trying to wrap her mind around this new reality, but failing yet again. How in the name of the Light could someone kill Nynaeve, and with the One Power no less? Few had the motive and even fewer the ability. But whoever it was would suffer a fate worse than Nynaeve had, that she would make sure of.

Looking again at Rand’s letter, Moiraine felt tears form. She hastily rubbed at her eyes.

I won’t cry, I won’t cry, I won’t cry….

Matrim had to carry her to the bedchamber she was sobbing so hard.

“What did you do, Elaida?”

“Nothing! Light, woman, I’ve told you the story a thousand times!”

“No…you haven’t. Only twice.”

Cadsuane stood and glided towards the room’s only window. There was nothing outside she wanted to see, but the fresh air made her feel better. Everything was spinning out of control, every plan out of her grasp. Ever since Mat and Moiraine had become man and wife the world had ceased to make sense.

“Tell me again; why would Siuan attack you?”

Making a dramatic sigh, Elaida recounted. “She was angry at me about something or another. We exchanged words, she threatened me, we fought. A stray weave of hers flew outside and we heard a scream.”

“Why didn’t you come forward at the start?”

“Who would believe me? I’m not a fool, Melaidhrin, people hate me and would rather believe I killed Nynaeve than Siuan.”

Cadsuane couldn’t really argue with that logic. “Why did you have an affair with Nynaeve?”

“That is in the past; it ended ages ago.”

“I could care less when it happened or ended, I asked why it started.”

The Red glared at her, then proceeded to stare a hole in the wall. “I…desired Moiraine and couldn’t have her. So I took Nynaeve.”

“That’s rather pathetic.”

The glare returned. “Don’t you judge me! Not you who carries Al’ Thor’s tenth bastard.”

“Ninth. It’s only his ninth bastard.” Cadsuane returned Elaida’s glare with one of her own. She allowed herself a small smirk when the other woman flinched. “Besides, who I bed is not at issue here. What is, is that your former lover is dead, and you accuse another.”

Thom had scoured the town from roof to stone, but Lan’s whereabouts remained unknown; the Warder had seemingly vanished into thin air. But it wasn’t until that very moment that Thom realized how desperate he was.

“Rand, you wouldn’t happen to know where Lan is?”

A bit too dramatically, Rand turned to face him. “Why…yes. Yes I do. And when I tell you where you won’t believe it!”

Mat had known sharing the latest news with Moiraine would be difficult, but he hadn’t expected her to go into full denial.

“I am telling you, Matrim, Siuan didn’t do it! Elaida has also been an evil one. It’s obvious she’s lying.”

“Moiraine…you and I both know that isn’t true. Well, the lying part. But it doesn’t look like she’s framing Siuan for this, but actually being honest.”



“NO! I will hear no more of it!”

The door slammed in his before he could even open his mouth.

The sound of shouting and a final slam carried down the long corridor. She was still planning her next move when Moiraine all but tripped over her.

“Bloody ashes!”


Rising, Siuan helped Moiraine to her feet. “Yes….I…I need help, Moiraine. Nynaeve-”

“Shush,” Moiraine pressed her hand against Siuan’s lips. “Of course I’ll aide you.”


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