Channelers and the Men Who Love Them; S1 E4 My Love is Like Wo

Channelers and the Men Who Love Them

Episode Four – My Love Is Like Wo

“Master Merrilin, to what do I owe the pleasure?”

Thom took a deep breath. “I’ve decided to accept your offer regarding young Matrim.”

He had expected a few reactions, none of which included the Aes Sedai jumping up and down screaming “Whee!” at the top of her lungs.

“Oh Thom, I would kiss you if you weren’t such an ugly man.”

“I was handsome once.”

“I don’t hate to break it to you, Morgase lied. But what is past is past. Let’s discuss our future!”

“My ma thought I was handsome….”

For the first time in, well, ever, things seemed to be going well for Elaida. Until she opened her bedroom door.

“Mother’s milk in a cup! Don’t you ever go home?”

Nynaeve had the decency to look embarrassed. Perhaps Elaida should hold her tongue just a while longer. The girl had served her purpose after all.

“I…I just wanted to talk to you about us.”

“There is no ‘us’.”

“Really Ellie! I’m not breaking up with you.”

“Pity, because I’m breaking up with you. You may leave now.”

The girl’s lips began to tremble and her eyes filled with water. Now wasn’t this just perfect?

“Please don’t cry. You’re so ugly when you cry.”


“Blood and bloody ashes! I’ve changed my mind; you stay I’ll go.”

Nynaeve stared at the door in disbelief. She had always imagined she would end the affair with Elaida in tears, not the other way around. She had only started the blasted thing to make Lan jealous and, she supposed, that purpose had been fulfilled. Of course thanks to the affair she was now Siuan Sanche’s personal slave and in love with Elaida.

Wait…Did she just think what she thought she thinked?

Rand had a brilliant idea and needed to share it, least he forget. “Hey Caddy!”

Cadsuane acknowledged him with a nod “S’up?”

“I was thinking of doing this thing where everyone gets together and like gives

Moiraine’s baby gifts and stuff.”

“Sound ‘ight.”

“Uh, what did you say?”

” ‘ight.”

“What dialect is that?”

“Man, I be speakin’ ghettofied. Don’t be playa hatin’ just ’cause you don’t be understand’ what I’m sayin’. Look, your plan sounds tight. ‘ight? I’ll see what I can do.”

Rand, speechless for once, simply nodded in agreement.

“How about Vagdush for a boy and Galella for a girl? Why are you making that face, Moiraine?”

Moiraine rolled her eyes. “Those names are ugly. I prefer Isithralindë for a girl and Celadrieriand for a boy.”

It took Mat a full minute to realize she wasn’t joking. “Can you even spell those names?”

“Why would they need to know how to spell? Their father can’t write and seems to be doing okay.”

“I can write!”

His wife arched an eyebrow.

“Really, I can!”

“I have yet to see this imaginary talent of yours. Oh this is silly. We have months to pick a name so there’s no point in arguing about it now. Instead why don’t you be a good husband and fetch me some chocolate.”

“Fine. But I’ll be damned if I name my son Celadrieriand.”

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