Channelers and the Men Who Love Them; S1 E7 Perfect Frown

Channelers and the Men Who Love Them

Episode Seven – Perfect Frown

“Stop crying, Rand.”

“I can’t Caddy!”

“And stop calling me that.”

“But…I’m like, a..a…baby making machine! Why are you rolling your eyes at me?!”

” ‘Cause you are an idiot. And it’s about time someone told you.”

“You try being the Dragon Reborn and having the world on your shoulders!”

“The Last Battle was ten years ago. Get over it!”

The two sat in silence. Cadsuane was trying to convince herself not to kill Rand. Rand was busy enjoying his brief moment of sanity.

“Cadsuane, can you help me?”

“In the name of the Light, what is it now?!”

“I want to see my children.”

Siuan decided it was time to pay Min a visit. So, after taking a deep breath and preparing herself for the fattest, she rapped on the oak door. It swung open to reveal a thin, rosy cheeked woman with waist length hair.

“Um, I’m looking for Min Farshaw.”

“Siuan! It’s me! You silly goose.”

Siuan’s mouth fell open. “You’re not fat? I mean….good to see you! How have you been?”

“I’m fine. Come on inside and meet the children.”

Min led her into a small sitting room where two small children, prehaps aged eight, played with dolls.

“That little man is Adme and this is his sister Shaiel. Children, this is Siuan Sanche.”

“Hallo,” the pups said in unison.

Siuan had to admit they were cute. Even if they did look like their father. “Hello. Min, I was wondering…”

“If I could do a viewing? I see one clear as day, about a childbirth of all things.”

Moiraine hated going home. Anvaere and Innloine always made her life a pain.

“Oh no, she can’t wear that to the coronation.”

“No, she can’t. Let’s put her in green. I like green.”

“I know you do, Innloine, but I think red would be much better.”

She couldn’t take anymore. She felt…violent. “I will wear nothing of the sort. I can dress myself. Now, go away.” Their laughter hurt her ears. “I wish death upon you.”

“Lan, stop following me around.”

“But Nynaeve, I gave you a pussy so don’t you think-“

“If you finish that thought I will hurt you.”

While he struggled to find a comeback, Nynaeve went to the inn. Light, that man would just not give up!

“Problems in paradise?”

“Elaida? What are you doing here?”

The Red sniffed. “I live here. So, the real question is, why are you here?”

“I…I love you.”

“You love her?!”

The two Aes Sedai spun at Lan’s voice.


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