i. Why do I have to register?

Registering is free and easy! Also, it helps the moderators and myself keep the forum clean and free of spam.

ii. Why can’t I see all the forums?

The only forum requiring special permission to access is the mature discussion forum. The rest are public.

  1. If you sent me an email and I have yet to respond in 1-2 weeks time, please resend.

i. Will you display my fan-fiction?

Yes. When you send your fanfiction be sure to indicate you want it put on the site and include your name/penname.

ii. How about a series?

If your work is part of a series, please let me know when you submit it so it will be placed in the correct category.

iii. Will “Channelers and the Men Who Love Them” ever end?!

CATMWLT (kam-wôlt) is a soap opera, and thus an ending will only occur when I get tired of it. Updates have slowed, but it is still going.

iv. Would you put my artwork up?

Of course! Why wouldn’t I?!


i. Do you look at poll results?

Yes! I check the poll results every so often. So keep voting!

ii. How is the movie cast formed?

The movie cast is complied through forum discussion.

iii. How do I add/change it?

Because the cast is chosen through debate and consensus, you need to be a member of the forum for your opinion to be heard.

iv. What about the soundtrack?

Conversations from: the forum, email, in person, and instant messenger.

v. How do I add to that?

Pick a way to contact me, and drop me a note.


i. Will you link to me?

The sites in the links section are ones I’ve found on my own WoT inspired internet travels. Feel free to point me in your site’s direction, but I make no guarantees.

ii. What about affiliates?

I judge affiliate requests on a case-by-case basis.

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