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  2. Ekho

    Random XVI

    Our seagulls are also very pushy, and like to steal people's chips.
  3. So I'm rereading Lord of Chaos, and one thing that really pops out to me is how much Galina seems to hate Moiraine. Since there is no explanation for it in the books, I went to google to see if anyone had ever thought to write some half interesting fanfiction about it (I think this place has made me expect far more Moiraine related FF than actually exists). Anyway, this thread was one of the top google hits, so I thought I would play necromancer and revive it. And also say, I too hated Galina's arc.
  4. I can't even watch her in wheel of time. I tried watching clips and she brought me right out of it. It is so frustrating.
  5. Traitor. No wonder you've been quiet on Discord 😝
  6. I'm reading Manga and that hunger games prequel
  7. Marie

    Random XVI

    How do you say that
  8. Kaitlin

    Random XVI

    I went to Rehoboth, a very lgbt place, and it was very relaxing. They do have seagulls and they are really pushy. Be warned!
  9. :o I like Rosamund it happened. The gayness of me overshadowed things and now i forgive inaccuracies i am betrayal
  10. I am rereading the Wheel of Time, currently on The Great Hunt. I'm actually enjoying it so much. I've missed these books.
  11. Ekho

    Random XVI

    Hi Sivart! I know the feeling. We are on Discord sometimes, if you ever feel like joining? @Whittyyou should come back to Discord as well!
  12. Hello everyone. Just wishing everyone well. Strange as it is to say, I think I would be sad if I checked for this little forum and could not find it anymore.
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