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    I think I can eat anything. But I don't like avocado.
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    They taste completely different! You have been severely lied to and probably fed pancake batter waffles.
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    Waffles. Delightful. Crunchy. Soft. Goes so well with ice cream. Can spin on a finger if you put that finger in the middle nook. Nooks! Pancakes. So many more varieties. Goes on a bunny head or as a hat for anyone. Soft. Warm as a blanket. Pancake art. Syrup soaks in.
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    This is actually Moiraine related, specifically when Lanfear was trying to talk Perrin into helping her kill off Nynaeve and Moiraine. It bugged me while reading and bugs me now how Lanfear didn't want to personally kill Moiraine then there out of vengence. This is not a women capable of "letting go" after all. Her and Moiraine went into Finnland vis–à–vis and it seems to me it would be hard to forget a face that caused the death of your physical death. Then again, Lanfear is off her rocker and I shouldn't use logic with her. But it was still yet another disappointment in Memory of Light "reunions".
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    Bela the pony~ Verin would make me hyperventilate.
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    🤜 thank youuu
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    Uh... so... most fandoms. ☺️ If it’s a good fic and someone reccs from a multi-fandom account I might read or watch the original based on how interesting the pairing is.
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    Has anyone seen Good Omens??? I loved it!
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    Just started the...prince of fools (I think) by Mark Lawrence. See this is the problem when I buy things on kindle, I never remember the names
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    Still haven't read King of Scars yet...lol I think I'm subconsciously waiting because there is no more currently after lol But I did just buy Shadow of the Fox by Juila Kagawa...so that'll be after. AND I bought the whole A Song of Ice and Fire...so that will be an adventure lol
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    still think lanfear should have tried to kill mo
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    I just remember it annoying me a huge amount that Perrin was the one to kill Lanfear. I really didn’t think it fit with her overall story and always wondered if it was something Sanderson came up with.
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    Lanfear was blinded by the whole Power thing and saving the DO. Nynaeve was the stronger in the OP then and there, so she had to be removed first and more importantly. Imagine being in Lanfear's shoes - you have the chance to defeat your strongest enemy, earn your boss's approval and become Naeblis and all. Do you care for that woman who can barely channel?
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    that whole scene was just kind of awkward. but yah why didnt lanfear just kill her?
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    I feel like this is a bad start y'all....