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  1. Lan is definitely the number one blade master as you & Moraine said "He killed a Forsaken with a blade." On the merit that Demandred beat Galad (though he was using a bit of the one power?), I would rate him second. Rand, before he lost his hand, was seeming to excel quite significantly, taking on 5 men at once? He had also received training from two blade masters, Lan & Tam. Tam, teaching him further improvements by fighting one handed. I would say third place is a toss up between Galad and Rand, besides, their half-brothers too. Gawyn would be fourth I suppose, he seemed too eager at
  2. I'm married now.

    1. Ekho




  3. So I have heard! This is exciting (yet troubling?) news. I hope it is done well. GoT has definitely thrust the idea that fantasy series can succeed and become poplar TV series. I have posted two links below for more information. http://variety.com/2017/tv/news/wheel-of-time-tv-series-sony-1202390897/ http://www.tor.com/2017/04/20/casting-ideas-for-the-new-wheel-of-time-tv-series/
  4. I have every once in a blue moon, but I finally remembered my login, ha! How have you been Ekho? It has been a long time. It's crazy to think I joined this site back in 2009.
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