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  1. Kaitlin

    So, are we?

    I’m allergic to kiwi and eggplant. If it were coffee it’d be a big deal but as far as foods go that’s pretty ok to me.
  2. Kaitlin

    What are you reading? II

    Finished: Anansi Boys, The Waves, The Sun is Also a Star Incomplete: Dr. Sleep (I have read some before) Any good audiobook recommendations? They’re nice when readers can’t read at that moment. 😨
  3. Kaitlin

    Moiraine wedding

    I home Thom is ok to look at and not 250. I want Siuan fanart. And to see what ship names Mo will have.
  4. Kaitlin

    Pancakes or Waffles!?

    They taste completely different! You have been severely lied to and probably fed pancake batter waffles.
  5. Kaitlin

    Moiraine-themed tattoos

    What you could do is design a mock-up of what you want and ask a commissioned artist to create a version for you to take to the tattooist. Or there’s some great tattoo artists that’ll work on that with you themselves. A lot of times they have to adjust the design anyway depending on where it’s going. A couple people let me practice on pads, frozen apples, and (eeep!!) this ham part with skin... the shoulder? Rump? I don’t know I don’t eat pork it was bizarre. It’s hard to do. Get somebody with years and years of experience. Someone who can actually draw.
  6. Kaitlin

    So, are we?

    Who can’t eat what?
  7. Kaitlin

    Potential MW meet up?

    He is a fine boyfriend. \o/ Although, it took careful thoughts of “if he were a girl then would I say, ‘That is a fine woman you have there.’” It really is difficult with this particular gay Kaitlin brain to tell handsomeness. Cuteness, yes! They’re all like brothers.
  8. Bela the pony~ Verin would make me hyperventilate.
  9. Kaitlin

    Pancakes or Waffles!?

    *GASP* the ...same?! No. No. No. But stylistic differences! ; - ; Ok, Belgium Waffles versus the favorite pancake of any nation
  10. Kaitlin

    Plants are hard

    Both of those are way less grouchy then my a-hole plants
  11. Kaitlin

    Random XV

    🤜 thank youuu
  12. Kaitlin

    Plants are hard

    They’re hard to keep alive if they’re not weeds. 😤 My best ones just want to live in containers, but they’re quickly outgrowing them! Greedy little monsters will get their gigantic pots this weekend. This is them, being rude and demanding! Does anyone want to share pics of their plant children?
  13. Kaitlin

    Moiraine as a Vampire

    I lost all memory of replying to this and the idea of being able to poof into a bat! Were we high on blueberry tea? Vampire Moiraine would call herself a Vampyre because this is more mysterious when one is a short fanged one.
  14. Kaitlin

    Moiraine as a Vampire

    And fishguts. I’m resurrecting this! Who are the necromancers? They don’t have to be evil! Moiraine’s tiny fangs can glint like her kesiera. Wait I didn’t read the whole thread. Maybe that’s already a key vampire!Moiraine feature. *gobackreadthread*
  15. Kaitlin

    Random XV

    I have to pee. Someone go pee for me!