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  1. Kaitlin

    Winterish snacks

    I have not gone fancy like the original post!! Mulled wine sounds good though... what about hard cider sort of heated up and spiced more? pb cookies, gluten free gingerbread people, chocolate chip, pretzels covered with all kinds of stuff. That is what it’s ended up being so far! and I got some homemade stollen cookies from a friend. Usually stollen is bread but hers are too crunchy/hard to be called that. They’re my favorite because they kept me from going completely starved one winter. They’re hard as bricks and impossible to eat without soaking in tea or coffee- so basically real life dwarf bread! But tasty?? It is a mystery (Two stollen supporting a heavy ceramic bowl and full maple syrup— they could probably do a lot more😬)
  2. Kaitlin

    Winterish snacks

    Not everybody has a winter or a specific holiday for it... but what do you snack on when you get the chance 👩‍🍳 im making a list of cakes/biscuits/cookies for this hippie village nearby where everybody volunteers from all over the world. lots want to try American treats but there’s so much variation here too! everyone’s holidays (who live there) are all going to be celebrated. ...if it doesn’t completely end in a baking disaster on my part... would anyone want a finished sample recipie list in this thread? so far 1.mochi 2.sweet bean paste everything (not defined) 3. Sufganiyat and butter cake (bakery bought) 4. pizzelle 5. anise cookies 6. gulab jamun 7. ??????? Cookies?????
  3. Kaitlin

    I just need to say....

    Here we are scrounging for lazy voters to vote to offset the voter suppression of people who try hard to! And the people who don’t because they got depressed about suppression! I can’t stand what’s happening to Brazilians either.
  4. Kaitlin

    Desktop thread!

    Nothing is organized or pretty 😶
  5. Kaitlin

    Random XV

    Happy 🎃 Did you go as anything?
  6. Kaitlin

    Pancakes or Waffles!?

    Waffles taste better gluten-free~
  7. Kaitlin

    Potential MW meet up?

    We need a Sallie Daera— some kind of abandoned town
  8. Kaitlin

    What are you reading? II

    😳lots and lots of f/f fan fiction.
  9. Kaitlin

    What Are You Watching?

    Sabrina sounds like it’s got to be next!
  10. Kaitlin

    Pancakes or Waffles!?

    Waffles. Delightful. Crunchy. Soft. Goes so well with ice cream. Can spin on a finger if you put that finger in the middle nook. Nooks! Pancakes. So many more varieties. Goes on a bunny head or as a hat for anyone. Soft. Warm as a blanket. Pancake art. Syrup soaks in.
  11. New users might come back and post if they see more activity! Which has been happening... and i fail at knowing how to add gifs from phone
  12. Kaitlin

    Potential MW meet up?

    Delhi if we do a meetup from all countries? It’s got to be more affordable than Disneyland.
  13. Kaitlin

    aMoL Reactions. What did you think?

    He should’ve died for good. It would’ve been a positive resolution for his character arc as a whole. I wonder if Harriet couldn’t bring herself to be more a part of it? It must’ve been harder than we could imagine.
  14. Kaitlin

    TV show finally happening!!!

    Don’t anyone mention Salt Bryne! Maybe the showrunners will forget if he’s kept out of the collective unconscious.