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  1. I would really like to go to Istanbul for my studies, but that keeps looking more and more unlikely.
  2. I'm not innately put off by this idea. A lot of Perrin's conflict is internal, particularly the "axe vs. hammer" stuff. It could be useful visual shorthand for why he is so angst-ridden all the damn time. That said, this also runs the risk of having only a superficial resemblance to the source material, and setting that as precedent. If that is the case, why no make an original fantasy series rather than an adaptation?
  3. I intend to at least start watching this show, but I'm not going to go in with any kind of hopes. I'm largely indifferent towards the casting so far, but I'm also not one of the sort who necessarily wants actors to resemble the characters physically. Fingers crossed, but not holding my breath. If nothing else, finding out people know something about WoT is kind of interesting among my friends.
  4. It seems so weird seeing threads literally twelve years old while I'm browsing this forum. It makes me feel both nostalgic and old.
  5. The debauchery. Guys, we can't strip people and ring bells at them for not having read books. Maybe we can ring bells at them, but that is still rude.
  6. Eye of the World is a really good fantasy book, but blood and bloody ashes I dislike everyone from the Andoran Royal Family. I can totally relate to that stumbling block.
  7. I don't even remember how Sammael died. All I remember about Bel'al was that Mo balefired him. You think they might actually condense Taim and Demandred? They're wholly divergent characters but the Shara thing in the Last Battle wasn't particularly essential to the story. I don't even remember a quarter of all the named Aes Sedai, I'm sure.
  8. How many of the male Forsaken can we par down on the basis of "He's like Lews Therin, but not as awesome and evil"?
  9. Pancakes. Never waffles unless times are dire.
  10. Anyone want to take a guess at which characters will be merged or altogether dropped? It's been literal years since I've read a WoT book, but I still feel like I could name so many characters as to be impossible to do in a TV format.
  11. Disney, and Disney Star Wars! I probably won't actually see either, unless someone drags me along at this point. Apologies for missing for nine months. I was not pregnant, nor did I impregnate anyone. I am just trying my best to get a do-over on this adulting thing. Honestly, it's mostly the news of the WoT TV show combined with the fact this forum is pinned to my favorites still after all these years that keeps me checking.
  12. This place is alive? Wow. Now I'm feeling sentimental. Glad everyone's doing well!
  13. I actually do every few months, usually just for a second to see if anyone posts. I miss this community too. It was a cozy little internet corner, and nothing in my adult life is even remotely like how this was for me as a teen. Every time I check in I contemplate rereading WoT from the start, but the time sink intimidates me.
  14. I actually have some hope for a decent (maybe no overly faithful) adaptation of WoT, if only because something is going to want to fill the GoT gap in television when it ends.
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