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  1. Sivart Reborn

    Random XV

    This place is alive? Wow. Now I'm feeling sentimental. Glad everyone's doing well!
  2. Sivart Reborn

    Wondering if anyone else comes back to visit?

    I actually do every few months, usually just for a second to see if anyone posts. I miss this community too. It was a cozy little internet corner, and nothing in my adult life is even remotely like how this was for me as a teen. Every time I check in I contemplate rereading WoT from the start, but the time sink intimidates me.
  3. Sivart Reborn

    Random XIV

    I actually have some hope for a decent (maybe no overly faithful) adaptation of WoT, if only because something is going to want to fill the GoT gap in television when it ends.
  4. Sivart Reborn

    Random XIV

    You watched the whole thing? I'm impressed. I'm just afraid this will harm the possibility of a serious cinematic adaptation of WoT getting made in the near future.
  5. Sivart Reborn

    Random XIV

    So did anyone else see or hear about that "Winter Dragon" thing that was done?
  6. Sivart Reborn

    Random XIV

    I have found no fandom really replaces this one for me. I am in agreement.
  7. Sivart Reborn

    The books on kindle

    I have that kindle thing on my laptop, but I don't own an actual one.
  8. Sivart Reborn

    The Wheel of Time, restrospectively...

    The ending was very much conclusive. It was disappointing in that regard. It really doesn't leave much to say or think for. And at the same time, it leaves me cold on topics like Seanchan. The epilogue also came across as very abrupt, after that drawn out climax sequence, it was as if the story was trying so very hard to suddenly try to wrap all it's characters. That just highlights the poor pacing of the series as whole in my opinion though.
  9. Sivart Reborn

    The Wheel of Time, restrospectively...

    Well, these forums seem dead, appropriately enough with the series ended. But I was having some weird Moiraine's World nostalgia tonight, which in turn made me think about the series and why I decided to stick it out til the end. Honestly, I cannot say I liked this series. I liked parts of it. I liked parts of it a lot. Moiraine is one of my favorite fictional characters, period. I liked Rand, Mat, and even Perrin at times, even if I spent good chunks of the series not liking them. I liked the villains mostly. I liked the supporting cast mostly. I liked the story on a whole. But there is so much I cannot say I care for. The pacing is awful in my opinion, especially in the middle of the series. Jordan's views on sex/gender got awkward or tiresome (honestly, the Aes Sedai needed to prove they were all women? They had a problem with men joining at the White Tower?). Some (many) of the characters were just downright grating. And Min's existence rubs me wrong, if only because I liked her at first, then was disappointed in how she was used, to say nothing about how I feel about the harem in the first place. And then built up, highly anticipated events *cough*Moiraine*cough* are seemingly entirely tangential that I might've forgotten about Thom and Mat retrieving her altogther. And other times events just kind of happen without any satisfying conclusion, such as Suian's death in the last book. Not all of this can be blamed on Jordan, the last three books were in part written by another author from his notes. Sanderson's style is distinctive from RJ's, and it is not necessarily consistent with the tone of the previous books. But at least we got a conclusion, I can certainly be thankful for that.. Will I reread the series one day? Probably, almost undoubtably. Would I recommend the series? I don't think so, not unless the person was just dead set on some long fantasy reading. So, does anyone else have some thoughts back on the series as a whole now that we've had a bit to digest the last book? If anyone will see this?
  10. I hate how fantasy treats this sometimes. Weapons and fighting don't work like number calculators. Mat with his Ashandarei is better than people who can't fight as well as he can with their weapon, but he's worse than people who are better with their respective weapons, assuming a perfectly fair field of battle, which is improbable to begin with.
  11. Sivart Reborn

    Random XIV

    Soda... is expensive.
  12. Sivart Reborn

    Nobody likes Laura either!

    Happy B-day!
  13. Sivart Reborn

    Moiraine as a blond

    I actually did not. But Lan was very Asian to me, even to this day. A large Asian man. A large, rock-like Asian man. Moiraine is a short, yet long limbed woman with dark hair (that's shorter than it possibly could be in the book...) and very large eyes. Kind of scary eyes.
  14. Sivart Reborn

    New Harry Potter Film

    I'm not much of a Potter-fan, really, more of by-extension fan, but I very much enjoyed the movie. And I agree with the actors that just kind of owned it, despite getting very little screen time.
  15. Sivart Reborn

    A chat... and a cup of tea?

    I can check in for sure on Saturdays, maybe Sunday.