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  1. Marie's Day! Hurrah, I've taken time from...my important life, just to celebrate the Marie Leader. I thought about Marie's day a lot and I figured it is her very own day (or your very own day if you read this, Marie ) and what better day to feel truly special than by loving yourself the mostest! Here comes a classical painting to illustrate. I'll put it in a spoiler tag because like many classical paintings, there is artful nudity and people with modern sensitive minds could be turned all perverted by the artfull boob... (this illustrates is a sensitive mind of a modern person turned perverted. You can tell by the large eyes and the rythmic motion) Happy Birthday Marie, may you find plenty of time to adore and treat yourself today!
  2. Vertex

    Thom -- the first man?

    Well, that sounds resonable. But it could be that he said "My sweet hot sexy lover-bear..." Ha! I can do that too. But it doesn't matter, nay is in the lead again. How long has it been that?
  3. Vertex

    Thom -- the first man?

    Maybe she did in fact find that she liked the idea of doing Rand and she found that shocking but the editor went all, "Robert, this is turning into porn again! Remember you are doing fantasy for kids for goodness sake! What would the parents say if you wrote all that smut you really think about?"
  4. Love to me! And love to everyone else too. Hmm...that makes it sound like Xmas, almost. Shouldn't it be hearty fertility to you all? And about Whitney Houston's death not feeling real, maybe it's because most people knew her through her musics and stardom and not as an actual person and then her death becomes surreal because her stardom and music is still alive and everywhere. Sorta like a ghost or living memory.
  5. Vertex

    Thom -- the first man?

    So then, because Moiraine is meant to be clever, she notices what effect she has on boys and enjoys their reactions(haha, I almost wrote erections!) or she'd dress down and be more invisible. I think it makes her feel very nice to be sexually desired and therefor, she's a sexual being! I did reasoning to prove my point right there
  6. black rose 3 by Melinda Taber I'm so sorry Sweetheart Marie! I thought of you the moment me read in the news. We really should do something to keep your girlfanning heroes from dropping off one by one! First RJ, then MJ and now Whitney Houston too
  7. I've hardly touched my puter in days Great sadness befalls me. But yesterday I went ice skating for the first time in about eight years!
  8. I read Eragon But I'm no fan. It's boring with whiny heroes. Dragons are lovely and all (who doesn't love reading about the ultimate beast that also intelligent and can fly?) but I can never really picture teen boys raising them ok. Around here, they seem way more into cars and getting around than caring for baby animals. Also, after watching too much Star Trek, no doubt, I find stories with loads of species annoying and almost insulting. Since fiction sorta mirrors reality, it could be really rude to divide the population up in different archetypes and give them different races and then make the races be hostile to each other. As if the natural state of humanity was to war with those of different appearances when golden bits of history and heights of cultures have been about equality and fair trade between all. Ha! A rant being critical to most fantasy!
  9. Vertex

    Thom -- the first man?

    I think she's described as really beautiful in the very start in Rand's POV. That means oozing sex in polite teen-boy language. As in "You are beautiful" meaning "You are sexy!" as in "I wanna do real bad things to you" as the now super famous Jace Everett song goes.
  10. Happy Belated Birthday, Buggling of Jan 24th! It is really hard finding cute bugs but I tried! Pink crystal bug by janet_farris cute bugs by pollyalida Cute little bug by mattdm Lady bug theme cups by ~Cupcakes Under Cover~ Cupcakes!
  11. I drink tea(I loves this brand especially http://www.clipper-teas.com Their green ones are mild and not grassy or bitter at all) but I just promised dad some hour ago that I'd stop for a week or so to prove that I'm not an addict. But I really don't think I am so I'll be fine
  12. Vertex

    Thom -- the first man?

    Don't worry! I was under influence when I wrote that positive post about Moiraine so you can discount it if you find it unsettling.
  13. I voted for Lanfear too! But I read Ekho's post so maybe I was just being collectivistic and easily influenced. Now I doubt myself and feel like I have no integrity at all! Maybe this is what it is like to be a victim...
  14. Vertex

    Thom -- the first man?

    But Moiraine is an outgoing 40+ woman that's met just about every interesting man in the world. I suppose RJ's view on women is law here and his view of women is somewhat twisted but still. I think Moiraine deserves having had proper sex life and I can't see why she'd neglect herself that. And, by the way, greetings and welcome Terez! That should really be 5-4 to my side of seeing things, it is just that silly forum won't let me vote more than one single time!
  15. How adorable! Since this is a WoT forum is it ok if I play scandalized by your perverted show of much too tightly clad ankles?
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