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  1. Marie

    TV Show Accents

    Having been told us Americans do indeed sound like we have oatmeal in our mouths, it would be a shame if the Seanchan lost their Texan flavor. Although I guess Tuon might not seem so regal going "hey y'all".
  2. Marie

    TV Show Accents

    Okay so, while doing a marathon to catch up on Game of Thrones (books are better by the by...) I started to wonder if Amazon would maintain all the different accents in the books or do the lazy thing and just give everyone generic British accents. 😑 I will be very disappointed if Momo isn't a Frenchy.
  3. Marie

    Random XV

    I've been super sick this month, sorry to have abandoned you... 😓
  4. Marie

    What are you watching (TV)?

    I just finished Umbrella Academy. It was very up and down for me but ended on a good note.
  5. Marie

    Flat Thom Project

    .... We-ell he'll get to see Utah at least... And I can take him to Disney in May!
  6. Marie

    Potential MW meet up?

    Let me have my analogy!!! Also, originally I was planning on March 6-8 but that didn't pan out. 😔
  7. Marie

    Potential MW meet up?

    Well.. Like two trains in the night, you and I. I'm planning Disneyland for May 16th.
  8. Marie

    Random XV

  9. Marie

    Flat Thom Project

    I finally mailed off Thom...
  10. Marie

    Flat Thom Project

    I mean it's Thom so... I did draw him and was going to be lazy and send him to you first because I'm mean, but the weekend after next I'm headed to Flagstaff so maybe I should get a pic of him in snow or something. 🤷‍♀️
  11. Marie

    Random XV

    Eh..I need to renew forum license. A beta version came out that has a gif button for peeps like Whitty.
  12. Marie

    aMoL Reactions. What did you think?

    Rand went to the top of Dragonmount and realized you do it over and over again because...love. Yes.
  13. Marie

    Moiraine as a Vampire

    I want to agree but I kind of lost the plot of what's going on