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  1. I'm reading Manga and that hunger games prequel
  2. Marie

    Random XVI

    How do you say that
  3. Maybe I'll just make a new Thom for the new year
  4. I finished reading Working Stiff by Judy Melinek, a forensic pathologist about her first years in the field in New York City. Right now I'm trying to finish some book about the Vikings because I've been playing Assassin's Creed Valhalla and am a wee bit obsessed.
  5. 21 years going on 22...
  6. Marie

    Random XVI

    So it turns out it wasn't so much a random thought but about a book because I remember we had a book thread...or was it just music.
  7. Marie

    Random XVI

    I had a random thought today and then I lost it
  8. How did I know the necroed thread would be about making me work.
  9. I'm so bitter at how hard reddit was trying to be positive about the shit show. I made it to episode three. I can't even handle the spoilers for season two because it's just going to go even further off base.
  10. I enjoy how the vampire thread is always the undead one.
  11. No. And it's been 3000 years and I'm still bitter about this casting.
  12. I only watched because Kate was texting her reactions. I bought a medium ice cream treat to enjoy while I did so. That's my version of whiskey.
  13. Is this game of thrones now Anyway don't mind me, just screaming into the silence.
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