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  1. Marie

    What are you watching (TV)?

    I watched White Dragon on Prime. Rather anticlimactic.
  2. Marie

    Random XV

    Today is my Friday.
  3. Marie

    So, are we?

    I think I can eat anything. But I don't like avocado.
  4. Marie

    Moiraine wedding

    Thomo. Moidril. Thoraine.
  5. Marie

    Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

    Ok I d/l the wizard thing. 5272 8921 7867
  6. Marie

    Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

    I never even heard of it. Lol I did just re-download Pokémon Go (haven't used it since the first month it came out) 7838 5372 5510
  7. Marie

    Potential MW meet up?

    When in September?
  8. Marie

    Pancakes or Waffles!?

    They do not taste alike!! 💢
  9. Marie

    Moiraine wedding

    On the bright side maybe the Amazon show will give me more Moiraine and Thom fanart.
  10. Marie

    Rosamund Pike as Moiraine

    I don't want a return to blonde fanart. GoT hasn't given me much hope for WoT.
  11. Marie

    Pancakes or Waffles!?

    Pancakes are superior.
  12. Marie

    Potential MW meet up?

    I'm tentatively planning another Disneyland trip for next year.
  13. Cad. Cad cad cad cad.
  14. Marie

    My Lanfear disappointment

    I wasn't very happy with how Moiraine ended up weaker. I guess it's better than being dead like Siuan. Although Mo being willing to give up channeling entirely for Thom... Don't get me started.
  15. Marie

    Plants are hard

    Um...I grow dust bunnies.