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  1. So... Can aes sedai have babies? Is this ever addressed?
  2. Well now that you know it's a massive letdown, maybe it won't be so bad when you do get around to reading it
  3. Egwene because I nearly had to be hospitalised from the sheer shock. Siuan because... It's Siuan Sanche. She deserves better than half a paragraph and no reunion with her BFF. I can't decide which one is more infuriating. Everyone else I'm meh over.
  4. Slow clap for Olivia. Couldn't have put it any better. I'm still in shock over Egwene's death but it was a great death!
  5. Did you guys expect Egwene's end? I have to admit I was well and truly knocked off my feet by it. To be honest I could set everything aside if only there had been more Moiraine. Even if it was only a sappy last second before the end of the world wedding scene. Also for the first time ever, I'm so very sad the British cover is plain. The US cover with Ny/Mo on the back looks really good!
  6. Deep breath. Stay away from massive prologue through epilogue spoilers! Here we go:
  7. Ekho, in the interests of keeping this thread spoiler free, I started a thread for aMoL. Going to get my butt over there and give you a solid reply. Let it rip!
  8. So... How'd everyone enjoy it? Are you pleased with the outcome? What was missing for you? (Aside from the obvious things I'm sure we're collectively seething over.) What would you like to have seen done differently? Was there anything you thought BS got 100% right? And most importantly what did you think of the ending?
  9. Hope you guys are going to enjoy the last book! I'm almost through with it... At least I'm at a point where I can put it down and not feel like I'll be missing out on anything I haven't yet read. Reactions later when everyone else is reading! P.S. If you can't contain yourself, chapter 5 is the one you're looking for.
  10. If Cads dies I hope it's from the sheer force of having to fry Rand. But I also yearn for Moiraine to kill him... Maybe a combined effort?
  11. Got a dispatch email from amazon today! AMoL should be with me tomorrow. I don't know exactly when I'll get around to reading it though
  12. I just... die a little inside every single time I have to read anything about Siuan curtsying to people who used to have to kiss her shoes.
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