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  1. Oh gods, yes -I hate that panel. She looks like a brunette Pamala Anderson.
  2. It's in the mail for those of you with subscriptions, I got mine this morning. No new insights about Moiraine's family, no kissing scene, no Elaida, some Lan and Bukama. Half-way through the comic, they switch artists...and you can tell. The new artist likes to draw everyone with their mouths open. It's very odd. And he can't draw horses. But there are some nice shots of Siuan and of Moiraine. Slightly disappointing over all.
  3. From the heading on this post I thought it'd be a het fic. *rolls eyes* I should have known better.
  4. *points accusitory finger* Cannibal!
  5. Dalresin Damodred. It's in the appendix of comic #5. He looks like he's 70 years old. The mailman gave it to me this morning, although I nearly ripped it out of his hands in desperation. *runs back into the safety of the shadows*
  6. icewinnowill

    Random V

    Mine's B positive. Not kidding. *dirty look towards the heavens* I get your drift; but I like being a pessimist!
  7. I couldn't read the last third. I just couldn't. *bows head in shame* But of course, you knew that I wouldn't be able to...didn't you? Curse your knowledge of my weaknesses! :x
  8. icewinnowill

    Mod on holiday!

    *smiles evily* Like a tropical disease? *turns back to Jan with an envious face* Have a good time.
  9. icewinnowill

    Random V

    Don't recall. Possibly in the first series?
  10. She's in a state of denial. *rolls eyes*
  11. Gods. You're the second person today to compare me to a feline. But yes, I do like to bite people. Human flesh is remarkably tasty is freshly obtained. *goes misty eyed at the thought* Ah. I see the page. It's Rina Somethingorother behind the warders. And those belts the warders are wearing should logically be green. It was Elaida's dresses that confused me for a bit, as far as I can tell, she wears three during this issue. And she shows a great deal of emotion for an Aes Sedai. I mean really...snarling at them? "Again!'
  12. icewinnowill

    Comic #3

    It arrived ten minutes ago. No Lan. All Siuan and Moiraine. Some Elaida. We see...*cough*...a fair bit...of Moiraine and Siuan. The artist needs to learn that Moiraine is shorter than Siuan, even when face down in a bed.
  13. icewinnowill


    No, no, no. I like Logain. We shouldn't doom him to a have sex with Rand.
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