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  1. I agree to the three previous posts. VERY much. The old man/young woman relationships wouldn't bother me if there weren't so many of them. I wouldn't have a problem with Rand and his girls (you shouldn't insult people, even if you don't approve of their way of life (or if their fictional) ) if just ONE girl wasn't pretty/beautiful. One thing that bothers me about WoT relationships is that everyone loves eachother like they've never loved before, are true soulmates, clich
  2. Star Trek: The Original Series on DVD. Nerds rule!
  3. Mea

    Random X

    No, it's just very gross.
  4. Mea

    Stuck in a room

    I'd love to have a short, petite woman boss me around. I'd like to be stuck with Moiraine. I'd just look at her. Untill she'd fall asleep...
  5. Mea

    Random X

    I sometimes dream that I have huge flies stuck in my hair.
  6. Mea

    Random X

    It went well, I don't think they noticed. I see like I wrote some weird things earlier. I blame the booze.
  7. Mea

    you and me

    Awww! How cute! *slightly jealous*
  8. Sounds like someone else has had a little too much too drink, too. ( There should be a "raises eyebrow" smiley.) Happy birthday!
  9. Mea

    Random X

    Shit, shit, shit! They're home now and still not sober!!! Help help HELP!!
  10. Mea

    Random X

    I'm drunk for the first time ever! Every time I post here I sound like twelve or something, but it's just because I'm shy, not because I'm stupid. Sorry. My parrents are comming home soon and I'm not sober. NOT good! Help?
  11. Mea

    Random X

    I actualy finnished my homework on time! And with a few hours to spare! Yay!
  12. Happy Two-Days-After-Your-Birthday Jan!
  13. How come no one has mentioned sexy?
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