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  1. Olivia

    Wheel of Time re-release and new covers

    A new cover for ACoS was recently made. http://www.dragonmount.com/index.php/News/book-news/new-cover-art-for-a-crown-of-swords-r528 I like it. Never been a huge fan of Cadsuane, but her introduction to the story was fairly significant. I really like the framing/staging (whatever the artistic term is) for all the characters, how Cadsuane seems to be the one at the center of this "crown of swords" of all the scared Asha'man. The colors are also nice, with her Ajah color for the frame and Rand's red coat contrasting nicely. Rand's face is weird looking. I'd like to see more covers from this artist!
  2. Definitely! When I started the books as an early adolescent, Mat and Faile were some of my favorites. Now that I've grown up a bit, they both seem immature and jerkish to me in their own ways, not people I would want to befriend. I used to think Rand was boring, but now I empathize with him a bit more although he still makes silly decisions sometimes. Egwene and Nynaeve were beginning favorites and still are. Also, Cadsuane. Seething, seething hatred when I first read ACoS and TPoD. But now she's just irritating and misguided. And I can somewhat agree with (and be amused by) her "sick of your crap" attitude toward other Aes Sedai.
  3. Olivia

    Random XIV

    Happy Singles' Awareness Day, everyone!
  4. Olivia

    Characters II

    I like it! Dark, penetrating eyes. Very Momo.
  5. Olivia

    WoT Character Flowcharts

    If a WoT character had to create a flowchart to guide them through their typical day, what might that flowchart look like? Here's my first attempt: Laras, Mistress of the Kitchens (Image is not a spoiler, I only tagged it as such so the large image would not clog thread and make slow loading time.) Let your creative side out, Moiraine's Worlders! Or at least the side that can click around MS Paint. :siuandance:
  6. Olivia

    Favorite scene?

    @ Sam: Yes, Rand getting Moiraine tea was fab. I liked that part too. I wonder what "secret" of Moiraine this refers to. Unless it's the secret search for the Dragon Reborn, but the second sentence covers that, so...
  7. A lot of characters paid the butcher's bill in AMoL. We lost a lot of good people, and plenty of not-so-good people too. Which were you most saddened by? Which was the most unexpected for you? Was there anyone you really didn't care about even though the story spent time on their death? Was there anyone you were surprised to feel sad for? Any other thoughts to add regarding the deaths? -- -- Well, for me, Egwene's was the most impactful, as I said in another thread. But I was also surprisingly sad to see Gawyn go, even though I never liked him. Odd. Romanda, poor Romanda. Her chapter in KoD is one of my favorites in that book, and ever since then I've had a soft spot for her. (And I know I'm not the only one on this forum who does.) Birgitte shocked me and got me choked up. But then when she came back as a Hero I wondered why I had been surprised and sad; being woven back into the Pattern as a Hero and reborn to be with Gaidal was the best thing that could've happen to her. And she got to kill Mellar, omg that creep I have wanted him dead for so long. Siuan's death was infuriating. Not the fact that she died, which I would have been sad and angry at but could have lived with... It was the fact that she died so quickly, with no farewell, and had too little afterthought about her by the other chars. I know it's unreasonable to expect a Hamlet-length death speech from every dying good guy, but dammit, this was Siuan! The Siuan. On top, we never got a Moiraine/Siuan reunion scene. The sads, I have them. I suppose Siuan's talk with Egwene about legacy served as her character's farewell. I actually liked that scene a lot, even before I knew it would be Siuan's last significant scene. Still, Siuan Sanche deserved better. But maybe that's just my pillow-friend obsession talking. Also, Bela. Just a horse, but still. Didn't someone point out years ago that she's the only character to appear in every book apart from Rand, or something like that? RIP Bela.
  8. Olivia

    Favorite scene?

    Egwene's death. Seriously you guys, I cried so hard I gave myself a headache. Then I raced through the remaining 200-something pages to find out if it was a genuine death and not a cop out. I still dunno how to feel that is was real. It was so utterly unexpected for me. I didn't want Egwene to die! She had so much awesomeness left to mete out for hundreds of years as Best Amyrlin Ever and rebuilding the post-Armageddon world! But if she had to die - which is still too raw for me to even consider forgiving yet! - I can't think of a better end for her. I mean, I know the Dragon was technically the one who Healed the Land and brought life back, but you guys, Egwene Healed the Pattern! Forget Traveling, that counter-balefire is definitely Egwene's greatest weave discovery. And I loved the name of the weave - the Flame of Tar Valon. Also loved how something set up waaay back in TGH - Eggy's strength with Earth - was used here for her to use that Talent to reach right through the Earth and into the Pattern. So awe-striking. I don't know if my reaction to this scene can be described as "favorite", but it was certainly the one that impacted me the most. I'm interested to see what others have to say about their faves! And I agree with Sam, Rand and Mat's little pissing contest was hilarious, as was Mat's final boast to win the argument. Can't argue with bringing Moiraine back, haha!
  9. Olivia

    Moiraine wedding

    I was sad there was no wedding scene for Thom/Moiraine. I agree with Sam, it could have been totally awkward or cheesy, but still. I was also surprised and disappointed in the way Egwene/Gawyn's wedding was handled. Seriously, one paragraph where Egwene mentions they got married finally. Nothing about the wedding, their first time, how she felt about being married, any emotional stuff. These two weddings were a missed opportunity, I think, but with all the threads that needed to come together, I guess I understand - if not forgive - why they were not shown. As for how it went down, I like your idea of Nynaeve marrying them, that is great haha. I think maybe they just kinda announced they were married and that was that, no formal ceremony. Mo and Thom are direct-to-business people, despite their sneakiness and manipulative abilities. I can see them wanting it over with and getting to the smoochies. (Thom's kiss of Moiraine before she went into the mountain was both awkward and cute.)
  10. Olivia

    aMoL Reactions. What did you think?

    I really liked this one. It had flaws, it had stupid parts, it wasn't as good as RJ would have done. But it was a fitting end to an amazing series. Sanderson did well with the impossible task he was given. This book had so many great moments it'll take me a while just to process them all in my head and figure out how to talk about them intelligibly. AMoL will never be my favorite book, nor will any of the post-RJ books, but damn did it stir emotion in me! Thom was right, in his scene, that the word "epic" is overused, but I can't come up with anything else to describe it. It made me ... not happy, not amazed, but... I dunno, proud to be human, both because of what the fictional characters were going through and what all the real-life people went through to produce this series. That sounds pathetic, needing a fantasy book to enjoy life like that, but oh well, going through a rough patch in real life atm. This book enriched my life a bit, and this series enriched it a whole lot. WoT is complete, you guys, and I'm more eager than ever for the future.
  11. Olivia

    Merry Christmas

    A (belated) Happy New Year, everyone! 2013 is gonna be quite a year. Sidenote: someone noted that 2013 is the first year since 1987 to have four different numbers!
  12. Olivia

    What will happen to our heroes in aMoL?

    I too hope for a Moiraine/Siuan reunion, even though their canon relationship is no longer the way I want it to be. Marie's right, that tingle better come back! Actually a Moiraine/anyone reunion would still be fun to read. As for Cadsuane.. I agree with Adam, it's likely she'll go out in a blaze of glory. But I'm equally amused by Ekho's idea that Cads will survive just by virtue of being Cads. Let's see what happens
  13. Olivia

    A memory of light: the countdown

    I've been avoiding spoilers as well. I spoiled myself a lot for TGS and ToM and would rather go into AMoL blind like I did with everything pre-KoD. Poor Ekho! *takes her computer away before she ruins book for herself* I'm pretty excited for AMoL. Not as much as I'd be if RJ was still alive; I really miss his style. But still, I'm not as disappointed in Sanderson as some are, and I'd rather he finish WoT than it not get finished at all. I'm looking forward to seeing WoT finally end, though of course like everyone I'm sad it's ending. But, canon may be over, but fanon is never over! Still plenty of fan activities and enjoyment left for years and years. WoT's been a part of my life for so long I can't even imagine what I'll feel like when it's done. Oh well, Wheel keeps turning. Day after tomorrow! ZOMG I WILL BE AT BOOKSTORE AT OPENING HOUR TO BUY IT.
  14. Olivia

    I just need to say....

    Found a picture of someone to play Super-bama's theme song.
  15. Olivia

    The missing NS scene

    Welcome to Moiraine's World! Always nice to meet new people. (And nice to meet other Mo/Siuan shippers. ) You should definitely read the full New Spring book when you get a chance, it's worth it! Still my favorite WoT book. Your art is lovely! Any Mo/Siuan art is fantastic, but yours is really well done. I like the pose, and Moiraine's fingers in Siuan's hair. Very romantic. Even the background is good, like the detail on the fireplace. Thanks for sharing your art, Rhiy. Please accept bunny kisses as thanks.