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  1. Ekho

    TV Show Accents

    I’d struggle to take Tuon seriously with a deep southern drawl 😂
  2. Ekho

    What are you watching (TV)?

    I just love the drug fuelled misfits in most series’. I’ve watched American Gods and really enjoy it! Game of Thrones! 😂
  3. Ekho

    What are you reading? II

    I’ve not read King of Scars yet, but it’s on my life. Im reading this series called the Chronicles of St Mary’s by Jodi Taylor. The first book is called one damn thing after another, they are so enjoyable! I would highly recommend them 😊
  4. Ekho

    Random XV

    I’ve been reading a lot as well recently. It’s funny, I go through phases when I’ll barely read, then get through like 3 books in a week
  5. Ekho

    TV Show Accents

    I mean over here in the UK we do have quite different accents between regions, so they could still stick with British accents and they wouldn’t be all the same. (Also the generic accents on tv are English and usually London based.) I know this isn’t a big deal, but as a Scot I sound nothing like those tv accents.
  6. Ekho

    TV show finally happening!!!

    So a casting director has been appointed. It looks like she has previously worked on Harlots, which I take as a good sign: http://www.thedailytrolloc.com/2019/04/kelly-valentine-hendry-wheel-of-time.html?fbclid=IwAR16Ph4u87Pb6PjM4_-XysmMMkCKhokSHgkP4I8un3MeMLfs5wvJIwF4D4Y&m=1
  7. Ekho

    Moiraine as a Vampire

    😂 not one wink of sense, and yet I think this thread perfectly encapsulates the madness of Moiraine’s World
  8. Ekho

    Moiraine wedding

    I think what makes certain people happy is knowing that Moiraine will outlive Thom by a reasonable amount 👀
  9. Ekho

    My Lanfear disappointment

    Well yeah, that would have been far more inkeeping with the vengeance driven personality. But who knows
  10. Ekho

    Moiraine-themed tattoos

    I’m still super tempted to get “half the light of the world” quote as a tattoo
  11. Ekho

    TV Series Starting Production!

    I’m sure Rafe Judkins said he was inspired by the way magic was portrayed in Dr Strange so maybe that will influence it. But I agree, the fact that it’s only channellers of the same sex will make it difficult
  12. Ekho

    What are you watching (TV)?

    Umbrella Academy was good I thought! A tad predictable in places, but I loved Klause. Currently watching American gods and enjoying it!
  13. Ekho

    Random XV

    Hope you are feeling better now Marie! Ad you can see, Whitty and I have been holding the fort 😊
  14. Ekho

    TV Series Starting Production!

    I’m really interested in how they depict the one power, because magic systems are one of the key ways WoT differs from GoT
  15. Ekho

    What are you watching (TV)?

    Surely if anything the price would go up in April? But yeah, it’s going to be so good! Currently watching Derry girls, which is brilliantly funny.