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  1. Such suspense, who could this mysterious man be? Why I am he! Said he, who is me.. And... A bee. So whats it been, a year? Sorry about that, I wanted to do something fun and snap some pictures only I kept forgetting and I didn't even have a bloody camera. Now however I have one o them thur picture takin' mobile phones. So at three o clock in the morning I went outside in search of fun. Its been a very white winter. I'm going to take the scenic route through the, well a, forest. Heres some benches and some snow. Luckily I prefer snow to ice, which is what we'll have for the next two months, so I can really savour this. Not a very well lit forest. I took a picture because there was this noise and it scared the shit out of me. Might have been a fox by the sound of it, though deer are more common here and I'm not a hunter so what do I know. I picked up a small stick with which to poke my enemies with. Like I said. Deer. I have no idea how all those facebook girls take these pictures. Theres a god damned phone in the way! Smile! That took me three hours, surprising I know, but I had fun atleast. You've waited a year for me to send Flat!Nynaeve along, I had to do something. I just know all the pictures are going to end up sideways or something. It's out of my hand until I've had a few hours sleep.
  2. I always sleep in the nude. I don't think I could sleep without being nude, unless I was on a couch. Karaoke is fun. I sang Bohemian Rhapsody.
  3. Today was an important day for my country. I am royally pissed off. I took some small comfort in our government being deadlocked, but then that just made me more upset. Its like poison and rotten knives in my stomach.
  4. Happy Birthday! Alms! Somebody give it some alms! It is killing me.
  5. Well.. I suppose since shame is often a defense mechanism of someone who lacks confidence they'd derive a sense of security and satisfaction from the act of being ashamed itself.
  6. I'm sure it could manage some very endearing floundering.
  7. Donkeys must be terrible at skipping.
  8. Like game commercials. Now I've been much more of a gamer than I am today, though I am consistently unashamed of it. But come on, some of these things makes me think that maybe I should be a little ashamed.
  9. That actress has beautiful eyes, but I'm still reeling from the fact that its a trailer.. A commercial... For a book. It's.. What... I mean..
  10. Oh she's been through some stuff alright. I'll write all about it. I've been putting off sending her along because I want to snap some nice pictures, maybe go up one of the neighboring mountains or somesuch, but I keep forgetting. I even had a barbeque on one of said mountains without seizing the opportunity. So many cellphone cameras, so little brain. It has been very taxing.. No autumn? Not even winter? How will you ever be able to properly enjoy a cup of coffee... Or vodka?
  11. Autumn just hit me. Did everybody have a nice summer?
  12. Tosh

    Random XIII

    Graduation god damn you all! Graduation!
  13. Tosh

    Random XIII

    Is everybody as confused as I am about their childhood? Its a funny thing really, that you don't truly remember anything from your earlier years apart from some vague images, mostly all kinds of bright and telling of adventures had. Its like walking in 30 minutes late into a movie because you were off in the other room having the best orgasm of your life and chewing on the furniture. But now in hindsight there are things you just know were there even back then, and you have no idea how you didn't notice them.
  14. Tosh

    Random XIII

    If I go to prison I want to go to the prison Lady Gaga went to when she killed all those people. That prison was totally hot. Suhweet
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