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  1. Whitty

    Moiraine as a blond

    Well, I'd also need to get the books, too....LOL I think my sister might have them, but she's a couple states away now. And I'm not allowed to buy any books for awhile....so maybe i'll figure something out the closer it gets to being released.
  2. Whitty

    Scenes you would want to see in a movie

    Eh, I still don't think I can do that very well. LOL But that's probably better than my British one. Hmm....oh damn I loved the Tarabon...with there yes or no at the end of their sentences. and braids! Would they be Jamacian? But I think they had light skin, maybe both? Gah, I just can't remember anything...Could just be Andor. I feel like they'd be the basic Londoner lol But no, with youre Scotish, you need something better. Damn Tear. I can imagine Siuan with a Scotish accent. Like Merida. Yup. Done. Sold. Cannot convince me otherwise now.
  3. Whitty

    So, are we?

    Well, I've been on this shift for, what 5 years or so? Well, maybe a bit less, but even still, I'm fairly used to it now, or as much a one can, since it's all unnatural for the body and all that. lol that sounds about right, but then you'd get off later, and that makes a mid shift and those are worse than graveyard, imo.
  4. Whitty

    What are you watching (TV)?

    Duuuuude. Yes! I am all for it! Which, I wanna say Harlots time period is 1790s? so only a handful of years before Gentleman Jack LOL I like to compare shows I watch from similar time periods... Yeah, mine is mostly Harry Potter, though now it's all GJ LOL and plenty of other random shit. so, I feel you lol And yes. 1000000% on that spoiler!!!
  5. Whitty

    Pancakes or Waffles!?

    Good Lord. Grand openings are always a pain. Well, by the time you get Thom, it shouldn't be as busy then LOL
  6. Whitty

    Moiraine as a blond

    Marie doesn't. I just know.
  7. Whitty

    Scenes you would want to see in a movie

    Ooooh, good point. But I don't and can not do a British accent...I'll have to have a silent part LOL
  8. I think i need to find the start of this monstrosity and begin afresh...
  9. Whitty

    Pancakes or Waffles!?

    FREE SAMPLES ARE LIFE. And if not you should just go anyway. OOOOOR. Wait until you get Flat Thom and take him LOL
  10. Whitty

    So, are we?

    LOL well my unhealthy times are all over the place now, as i have no set time anymore. Graveyard shift really changes you...
  11. Whitty

    What are you watching (TV)?

    oh tumblr...lol how it sucks you in....we might need to swap urls It did, but it wasn't near as bad as season 2, that was just all long and meh. I quite liked this season, and I loved The Never Ending Story bit LOL
  12. Whitty

    Potential MW meet up?

    Yes exactly. lol we all chime in with our sad, sob story LOL
  13. Whitty

    Plants are hard

    LOL...the cacti
  14. Whitty

    Moiraine as a blond

    Ooh. damn. shots fired. look. one day. I will read them. 😭
  15. Whitty

    Scenes you would want to see in a movie

    Yes! Or. Just send the link to this forum 😂"please use any and all ideas. Just be sure to give credit in the end credits. thanks. also, a walk on role would be acceptable. double thanks."