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  1. Whitty

    My Lanfear disappointment

    So she only had power cuz of/with the help of the angreal? Was it different than being stilled?
  2. Whitty

    Moiraine as a Vampire

    oooh right, nice. Um. Seanchan are like, well not mermaids, but something like that? Or would that be Tairien's (sorry my spelling and memory is shit. Siuan's peeps) since they all like to sail? But mermaids that get legs out of water but can't be too long out of it.
  3. Whitty

    Moiraine-themed tattoos

    Uh...uh huh LOL most are kinda long, well the couple so that's why its not really practical, for me. I'll have to find some pics of other people's and most. We should make a tattoo thread...since we like to go so far off topic hahaha
  4. Whitty

    TV Series Starting Production!

    Also true....we shall have to wait (forever) and see...I'm sure a lot of canon will be tossed aside, as most book-to-screen adaptations are...meh...though sometimes it's nice if it's done right because then you're not knowing exactly what's going to happen, even if you want the show/movie to be word for word, scene by scene lol
  5. Whitty

    TV show finally happening!!!

    Okay so there was supposed to be GoT prequel stuff but HBO cut the cord on that...so the guy who was going to do it (who was one of the show's writers) apparently is going to Amazon........!!! So......I wonder if that means he'll write some/most/all?? of WoT? And if that's true, that would be fantastic. Sad no more GoT, but we'll have WoT!
  6. Whitty

    TV Show Accents

    I know different regions of the UK have different accents...I just wish I knew them better LOL can you educate the naive American? 😅Also, Marie is totally hoping for Momo to be French right? LOL that'd be sexy...I mean, cool.
  7. Whitty

    What are you watching (TV)?

    GAH I KNOW. I think it's gonna be like that literally every episode.... OOOH! Watch it! Especially since it just started so you can keep up with it and don't have to play catch up!
  8. Whitty

    Flat Thom Project

    Thom at work with me...
  9. Whitty

    Moiraine as a Vampire

    Truth. So there would have to be other vampires, right? And they have the wolf boys, Perrin and whatever they are because I cannot remember, so there has to be creatures as well....hm..
  10. Whitty

    Moiraine wedding

    oh snap....I never thought of that MO AND SIUAN CAN STILL END UP TOGETHER AFTER THEIR OLD MEN DIE. I am happy.
  11. Whitty

    My Lanfear disappointment

    Wait...Moiraine could/can barely channel at the end?
  12. Whitty

    Moiraine-themed tattoos

    I still debate on a harry potter quote. Ugh. I just wish I had any artistry skills so could I make up my own.
  13. Whitty

    TV Series Starting Production!

    Well they could always have it from the camera angle of a channeler who sees it, then switch to a non channeler who then see's nothing but two people looking at each other or something.
  14. Whitty

    TV show finally happening!!!

    No, I just really want Siuan action LOL OOOOH. Very nice. I need to look at the link still. But you have me excited with Harlots....and not for that reason. Because the show is very well done!
  15. Whitty

    TV Show Accents

    Dude, I can't take people serious with deep southern drawls....And they do have some differences on GoT, so I can see them doing it for WoT. That would be great fun. But then I would want to know what Siuan sounds like still...so...