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  1. Whitty

    TV show finally happening!!!

    How can they not have cast yet?? UGH. So first season, first book? I wonder if it'll be a full 10 eps or if first season will be shorter to see how it's received?
  2. Whitty

    What are you reading? II

    Six of Crows - Leigh Bardugo
  3. Whitty

    TV Series Starting Production!

    hahah very true! But I feel like they'll knock it out of the park. And they won't have GoT to compete with. Maybe be compared to? But they're similar but very different. I just hope everyone else loves it. (because I'm gonna also be eternally optimist that it will be amazing)
  4. Whitty

    aMoL Reactions. What did you think?

    Yeah that makes sense though. And for that many books, and all the shit that went down. Sounds about right, really.
  5. Whitty

    TV show finally happening!!!

    Oh man..don't tell me that! LOL But they're both bucket list series to read haah. Anyone have updates on the Moiraine show? Casting?? Cuz, lez be honest, that's the most important...
  6. Whitty

    What are you watching (TV)?

    ME TOO. I'm gonna add HBO to Hulu and recap, but I'm gonna wait to see if they price will drop once April hits. But damn. I'm both excited and afraid 😅
  7. Whitty

    Flat Thom Project

  8. Whitty

    TV show finally happening!!!

    This is true...I eventually want to read A Song of Fire and Ice, too, and those are just as long as WoT, but only half as many lol. Maybe it'll be easier to read now that I'm older? Hmm...
  9. Whitty

    aMoL Reactions. What did you think?

    Suppose that's true... From book 1 to book last, how much is supposed to have passed?
  10. Whitty

    What are you watching (TV)?

    AHAH I LOVE Harlots, too. Shit is crazy! Can't wait for more. Handmaid's Tale is crazy on a whole different level...but really good. You gotta catch up! You won't regret it. I think next season should be out in April? GAME OF THRONES APRIL 14!!!!! So excited...last season. All the feels man...Vikings just announced season 6 will be the last season. I think that usually starts end of the year, around Nov? And I think they've said what they speak, but I forget lol all old and nearly dead languages now I'm sure.
  11. Whitty

    Potential MW meet up?

    LOLLLL you going before or after Star Wars land open? And who are you going with?? New ambiguous bf???
  12. Whitty

    TV Series Starting Production!

    Always a gamble...but I think Amazon does some really good shows, so, be hopeful!
  13. Whitty

    TV show finally happening!!!

    I'm not in the category though HAH i only got to like, book 5? Maybe 6? Maybe I should finally read them...I'd have to start over though.
  14. Whitty

    aMoL Reactions. What did you think?

    But I mean, was there really that many good things? They went through a lot of shit. And dying. And stilling. And other...things...
  15. Whitty

    Random XV

    I think Travis is gone again...