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  1. Wait. Rand's a ginger?? LMAO why did i never think of that...like, ever. Prob cuz of the cover art...and I never see characters in my head as described.
  2. haha omg i totally forgot about that. I'm sure they'll figure it out. I really hope this does well and people lose their shit over it. WoT deserves more love from the world.
  3. Whitty

    Random XV

    Frozen II first, then Star Wars!!!
  4. ....I have to get nekked and confess? WELL.
  5. Wait. I have to go see what Rand looks like now..cuz i've already forgot...
  6. LOL yeah I bet. With the show, at least you have a better visual/face to put to the name. The books...not so much so. lol Man I know I've butchered some names or words. I wonder just how much lol I might be most looking forward to that, just the talking. Well, and the "seeing" the world.
  7. Whitty

    TV Show Accents

    And again, since i didn't read GoT, I can't saw how that was for those characters, but I mean, they usually have to change stuff from book to show. So yeah I can can see it not being a bad thing, so long as they don't like, completely change the character(s) drastically for this.
  8. Whitty

    Random XV

  9. πŸ””Shame πŸ”” Shame πŸ”” Shame πŸ””
  10. Maybe once they're in character clothes it'll like, idk feel different? Clothes and wigs always make a big difference. Thom = ugly
  11. I still need to watch that... ah hahaha i think that's literally everyone with any book. Also why I watch shows with subtitles. Really helped with GoT to keep track of who was who, since i hadn't read them. I think it'll be similar for this.
  12. Whitty

    TV Show Accents

    Bet they're leave out characters and make up new ones. or like, combine characters, you know? We shall see...i feel like i say that a lot loll
  13. Five Dark Fates - Kendare Blake (the last book of the series. i cry.)
  14. Whitty

    Random XV

    It only took me a month and a half, but I'm there! whooop.
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