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  1. jan

    Random XV

    Hey, I'm on Discord! We should make a server, yes! Also, hello. I am alive.
  2. All of a sudden, I miss this place!👀
  3. There are lots of things I might embrace if given no choice -- like Thom and Moiraine -- but I draw the line at imagining Nynaeve (or Momo) "pumping one out"!
  4. Wow. Phew. I haven't read the book -- and not intending to, though I want to know what happened (I read the wikipedia page and generally surfing around for loose ends) -- but am disappointed about the Moirainelessness. Not getting what the point of killing her, reviving her (so to speak) and then abandoning her was. Might as well have let her die heroically in FoH, then! And, really? No Mo/Lan reunion scene?! Pity... I might have read it for that. I should hunt for fanfic! *Goes back to surfing around for aMoL synopses* EDIT to add: Caddy's fate
  5. WHAT?!! Wedding? Thom and Moiraine?!
  6. I wanna go too. But I guess I'll wait for the Europe meet-up... if it ever happens.
  7. jan

    Merry Christmas

    And a very happy new year! Happy New Year! by superoni, on Flickr
  8. jan

    Random XIV

    I went iPad window shopping and now I'm confused which one I should buy. :-/
  9. jan

    The missing NS scene

    Hi Rhiy! I think your art is lovely! Welcome to MW.
  10. jan

    Random XIV

    Ooh, congratulations! Being a newish aunt myself (about 2.5 years now), the only advice I have is, draw the line at changing diapers and you're in for a great time!
  11. jan

    Random XIV

    Oh yes, there are lots of pics.
  12. jan

    Random XIV

    I'm just back from a two-week holiday Spain. Now I'm depressed (about being back) and jealous (of other people having new iPads).
  13. I never (well, very rarely) lie, but am very good at obfuscating the truth for the "greater [interpret that as you like!] good" by being vague. I also have a particular fondness for blue.
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