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  1. Brynefan

    Characters II

    Here, have a Momo :3 I thought of this place while drawing her. *Has just started re-reading EotW*
  2. Heh I haven't read the book yet (it was sold out everywhere in town for the first time) but I know what happens to Siuan since I have a habit of reading spoilers and I took it a lot harder than I should initially, because it sounded so random. Now I was 99% sure that Min's viewing was definitely not fulfilled yet with that lame incident in The Gathering Storm and I had a feeling that Gareth pretty much turned them both into "dead meat" by saying that they would marry once it was all over *facepalm* but one can always hope until proven wrong. Now I've heard a bit more details at least, and I sense that Siuan's destiny was more planned out. I've read that she asked Mat already in Tar Valon if he was ready to run into a burning building or something, and I know that in some book Siuan either talked or thought about her uncle Huan who died while running into a burning house to save some children (or something similar). So, if she looked up to him all her life her actions make sense. In a way it gets easier to handle knowing this at least as I wait for the damn book to arrive
  3. Hehe, I pretty randomly thought I should stop by and say hello *reads last few replies* Meetups are great! I went to US last year to meet a bunch of people IRL and it was the best freaking thing I've done! Good luck to you all!
  4. Brynefan

    Characters II

    I'm double posting just to say that I suddenly remembered that Uno is awesome (although he only seems to know two or three curses, which is pretty silly). Anyway, I had to draw him. I hope he'll have some epic screen time in book 14. He is in Tar Valon at the moment at least. Don't know what's gotten into me, but I drew Bryne too.
  5. Yaaaay! I got the book! I did nothing but read between 1pm and 7pm I even took the bus home instead of the train to get more time for undisturbed reading.
  6. Brynefan

    Pics of WoT chars

    I remembered I had started on a devious little merge of Seamas Gallagher's fanart before and now I felt like doing the final fixes. *grope* It's spooky how well they fit together
  7. Galad will tell Berelain to be more honest and she will tell him to loosen up. It will be marvelous. In KoD, after killing Valda, Galad thought that the only thing that could make things right again was to see Morgase alive. Aww.
  8. ToM is a good book for the Damodreds

  9. Hmm, did Sanderson pimp Thom? Since he hunkified Bryne I kind of remember him improving on Thom's descriptions a bit. RJ just couldn't describe the older guys as other than gross. And the other Damodred:
  10. Hah Nynaeve of course... don't think anyone else is bad enough to make you ashamed, except perhaps Gawyn but it's hard to be like him. I haven't killed my teachers and ridden out with a teen army in my life.
  11. I used to say Galad differently in the past, but I've said it like this for a while now. Glad I was correct at last.
  12. Brynefan

    Characters II

    Nekkid is hard without reference photos though, and those are hard to find If I do that there's a good chance I'll feel like slashing him with Trom though. I suspect more and more they're the WC version of pillow friends.
  13. Brynefan

    Characters II

    *Looks back at thread* Ugh! Finally something new. Chapter 2 inspired me.
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