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Found 9 results

  1. So there was no wedding scene which is good and bad. Good 'cause thom and moiraine kissing is bit like watching your parents make out or maybe your grandpa kissing your high school friend. Bad cause any moiraine stuff would have been nice. But I guess we can make up how we think it went down? I'll just go all out and say rand hitched them together. Or maybe Nynaeve. She is a queen now.
  2. This is actually Moiraine related, specifically when Lanfear was trying to talk Perrin into helping her kill off Nynaeve and Moiraine. It bugged me while reading and bugs me now how Lanfear didn't want to personally kill Moiraine then there out of vengence. This is not a women capable of "letting go" after all. Her and Moiraine went into Finnland vis–à–vis and it seems to me it would be hard to forget a face that caused the death of your physical death. Then again, Lanfear is off her rocker and I shouldn't use logic with her. But it was still yet another disappointment in Memory of Light "reunions".
  3. A lot of characters paid the butcher's bill in AMoL. We lost a lot of good people, and plenty of not-so-good people too. Which were you most saddened by? Which was the most unexpected for you? Was there anyone you really didn't care about even though the story spent time on their death? Was there anyone you were surprised to feel sad for? Any other thoughts to add regarding the deaths? -- -- Well, for me, Egwene's was the most impactful, as I said in another thread. But I was also surprisingly sad to see Gawyn go, even though I never liked him. Odd. Romanda, poor Romanda. Her chapter in KoD is one of my favorites in that book, and ever since then I've had a soft spot for her. (And I know I'm not the only one on this forum who does.) Birgitte shocked me and got me choked up. But then when she came back as a Hero I wondered why I had been surprised and sad; being woven back into the Pattern as a Hero and reborn to be with Gaidal was the best thing that could've happen to her. And she got to kill Mellar, omg that creep I have wanted him dead for so long. Siuan's death was infuriating. Not the fact that she died, which I would have been sad and angry at but could have lived with... It was the fact that she died so quickly, with no farewell, and had too little afterthought about her by the other chars. I know it's unreasonable to expect a Hamlet-length death speech from every dying good guy, but dammit, this was Siuan! The Siuan. On top, we never got a Moiraine/Siuan reunion scene. The sads, I have them. I suppose Siuan's talk with Egwene about legacy served as her character's farewell. I actually liked that scene a lot, even before I knew it would be Siuan's last significant scene. Still, Siuan Sanche deserved better. But maybe that's just my pillow-friend obsession talking. Also, Bela. Just a horse, but still. Didn't someone point out years ago that she's the only character to appear in every book apart from Rand, or something like that? RIP Bela.
  4. With the series finally over and complete, how would you say your feelings have evolved from the start to the end? If at all? For me, the character I have changed the least about is Moiraine. I loved her from the start and still do. Min is a character I never really thought much of, then began to dislike her a tiny bit, but now I like her the most out of Rand's three. Rand I liked a little during the first book, I did find him a little annoying, but he was young. I am not sure I like him at all now. He just got more annoying to me as time went on! Mat/Perrin have not changed much either but I do like Mat a little more since saving Moiraine. I've warmed up to Tuon and Elayne but I still find them very arrogant and demanding and not always very bright! Egwene matured but I do not know if I would say for the better. Thom I like a whole lot more now, not that I ever disliked him, I was just unsure of how his story arc would go.
  5. So I didn't really like the book but there were neat moments. One of me fave scenes was with rand and mat when they were trying to one up each other. O and gawyn dying. That was cool that he finally died.
  6. so towards the end of the book rand is listing people who are fighting for the light, and moiraine's part got me wondering so does moiraine's secret=hope? is it related to what she saw in the rings or from one of her three wishes with the finns? especially since we never learn what those other two were.
  7. So the first daily preview went out today: Yeh...no clue what that's about.
  8. So, that was quick! First chapter out all ready. I enjoyed the prologue more, but it was a nice read. I wish Mat was in it, but oh well.
  9. So. Has anyone else read the prologue yet?
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