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Scenes you would want to see in a movie

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I think I would just like to see Moiraine in action, in one of the earlier battle scenes. I'd also love to see the attack on the tower, the CGIs could be amazing.

*high five*   I knew i remembered you saying that! Its weird the things i remember...and the things i forget...lol

...I'm not sure what we've agreed now. But I'm happy being Tearan, and talking about fish far too much.

Eh, I still don't think I can do that very well. LOL But that's probably better than my British one.

Hmm....oh damn I loved the Tarabon...with there yes or no at the end of their sentences. and braids! Would they be Jamacian? But I think they had light skin, maybe both? Gah, I just can't remember anything...Could just be Andor. I feel like they'd be the basic Londoner lol But no, with youre Scotish, you need something better. Damn Tear. I can imagine Siuan with a Scotish accent. Like Merida. Yup. Done. Sold. Cannot convince me otherwise now.

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Yeah, Rafe Judkins said he was taking inspiration from how they portrayed magic in Dr Strange as to how it appears in WoT. But even now that I've watched Dr Strange I still have no idea what they'll end up with.

I think it'll be 2 books per season, at least for the first season.  Books 7-10 could probably be condenced into one season as well.

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Should be interesting either way. and since it's amazon, i think it'll end up looking pretty decent.

ah guess we'll see what they do. all book to tv/movie have things changed anyway, so who knows what'll happen. Just hopefully they stick close enough to the books at least. not that i'm gonna know any different...

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Yes, I'm watching Carnival row which is an Amazon series, and it's giving me hope that this won't be a complete catastrophe.

I've also just realised that I'll be forced to face up to just how wrongly I've been pronouncing these names in my head for years.


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I still need to watch that...

ah hahaha i think that's literally everyone with any book. Also why I watch shows with subtitles. Really helped with GoT to keep track of who was who, since i hadn't read them. I think it'll be similar for this.

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