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Memory of Light cover!!!!! Guess who's on the back flap?

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So it's Moiraine, Nynaeve, and Rand on the path to Shayol Ghul? That's....


...pretty damn awesome!


Any cover that features Moiraine is a win. I hope you're right about that being Nynaeve, because I just love the idea of Moiraine and Nynaeve working together for anything, especially as the "three become one" thing with Callandor! (I thought it'd be Elayne and Aviendha and Min would be there but not as a channeler; glad to be proven wrong, since Mo and Nyn are two of my fav'est chars!) :elayne:


This cover just screams EIGHTIES but I love that style so no complaints here. :siuandance: Though I guess it does have a bit of the "women look on while man does the action" style, but I'm not gonna nitpick too much.



Edit: I also like one of the early sketches they posted. Nice motion on the body and dress.



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You do not even want to know the fangirl sound that just came out of my throat.


And to think I had convinced myself I didn't really like Moiraine anymore. *runs away fast*


*throttles you*

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Two things: first, Moiraine not only found clothes, but earrings! Second, I am so cropping Rand out of that wallpaper.


wow that cracks me up because I already cropped him out for my wallpaper. She found a new kesiera too. I won't be shocked if in the book she doesn't find one and this was just an artistic representation of her. But I kind of want her to find one because it'd be funny that she cared enough about it to get one before the Last Battle.


(for the record I think Rand looks great. It's just... I've had to look at him on almost every cover and finally Moiraine gets a little glory. New Spring doesn't count because she looked awful. She looks good other than the wrong hair on tEotW but that's ancient)

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