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Let's Write in the Old Tongue! (beware pics)

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The NS graphic novel includes an email from RJ himself on how he imagined the Old Tongue alphabet to look:





I thought we MWers could "translate" some stuff from the books into the Old Tongue. Obviously the letters would have changed in three thousand years, but just for giggles, let's write some character names and other words! (Don't forget those two-letter combos at the bottom.)


The two bestest Blues evar and their title:





The inscription on the Horn of Valere - Tia mi aven Moridin isainde vadin :

(OMFG you guys I did not have to look that up to know how it was spelled; I'm sad at what a WoT nerd I am)






And, can you decipher these WoT char names?





Now, go on, break out those MS Paint skillz and Old Tongue it up in this biyatch! (Okay, that sounded dirty...)


Names, phrases, jokes, even "X is best char", translate (transalphabetize?) them all and post!


:siuandance: :siuandance: :siuandance:

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That first one is Elaida, and I have yet to figure out the others.


I will take a printout of the letters when I'm in office next... :D

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  • Come join your fellow fanatics! :lol: