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Siuan, Leane and other stilled AS

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I know that the reason Nyn cannot heal other women completely after stilling is because it must be a man using saidin that brings them back to full power.


I haven't read all of the books yet but why on earth hasn't Rand or Logaine or someone else healed these women? It makes me so sad that Siuan is weak in the power now and lowly amongst the AS as a result :(

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My memory is foggy but I don't think any of the male channelers (who have knowledge of Healing stilling) have actually ran into Siuan/Leane since Nynaeve Healed them. Also Aes Sedai are stubborn. Well actually everyone in these books are stubborn.


Except Uno.

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Siuan cannot be healed anymore, because her connection to the Source is already healthy. If a man had healed her first, before Nynaeve, then she would have been able to go back to full potential. Added that she'd never agree to be stilled again and that according to custom, she's now like a willder... well, she's a done deal, stuck with whatever she has.

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