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Plants are hard

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They’re hard to keep alive if they’re not weeds. 😤 My best ones just want to live in containers, but they’re quickly outgrowing them! Greedy little monsters will get their gigantic pots this weekend. This is them, being rude and demanding!

Does anyone want to share pics of their plant children?


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Mine are mosquito repellent, although I’m thinking of just salting the earth and burning my whole yard at this point. Mosquitos apparently don’t like a lot of herbs! 

At this point the plant monsters have taken over most of the area outside the kitchen. They lurk, waiting for me to try and figure out how to dry them and use them in food. 

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I hate bugs. And we have like three different types of cockroack swarming outside and i am NOT okay with it. Some of those fuckers fly and I just fucking NOPE. Have them at work too, but I got my boots on and will stomp any and all i can.

We don't even have plants outside, really. So annoying. But when you have a nice little garden, it is very pretty and relaxing, sans bugs.

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