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So they're making some changes to Perrin's story. Now make no mistake, Perrin is quite possibly the character I care about the least, but I'm uneasy about the random and unnecessary changes to the story. I'm starting to feel like this is one of those "you should never meet your heroes" things, where you shouldn't have your favourite book series televised.


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Perrins story is long but pretty basic... What do you even need to alter, just cut down the wife hunting bits and it's perfect television stuff. 

It feels like they're using the names and making up the rest :lol:


*after actually reading the article*


What the flying fuck. 

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I'm not innately put off by this idea. A lot of Perrin's conflict is internal, particularly the "axe vs. hammer" stuff. It could be useful visual shorthand for why he is so angst-ridden all the damn time. 

That said, this also runs the risk of having only a superficial resemblance to the source material, and setting that as precedent. If that is the case, why no make an original fantasy series rather than an adaptation?

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