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I still say Liandrin is hot. Oooh, and in New Spring tho, this one Accepted, Sarene.....yeah, totally hot. Like Ellid hot. Only, she's not all vain like Ellid. And she's a Taraboner....I think I have a think for Taraboner women...and Tairen. Maybe it's the fishing boats? rolleyes.gif

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For the guys: Asmodean, hands down. :razz: Yay for dark, handsome, brooding musician types! And he probably has deft fingers from all that harp-playing. Bahaha. Though if it were purely based on looks, then I suppose Galad would be hottest. *grin* Jahar Narishma and Logain are pretty fine, too.


For the girls: Moiraine! XD And Birgitte, and Berelain, and Myrelle (that lucky woman :P), and Leane, and probably a lot more I can't think of right now... damn RJ for creating so many beautiful people. >__>;;

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gaah, this is a hard decision!


male - has to be lan. he has that air of protectiveness about him, which i love in a man, and i never go for pretty boys!


female... i think im a lot like nynaeve, even down to losing my common sense over just one man in the world. and then the image i have of lanfear is of a breathtakingly beautiful stunner of a woman... but then i admire birgitte cos she has girl power. and im always being told off by my bloke mates for having no idea what makes a girl "fit", so i guess im not too qualified to answer that question! plus im indecisive as hell!

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