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Ok well, I couldn't really find a thread to put this, so I figured I'd just make a new one! heh....so ok....


Believe it or not...but I finally finished Book 3!! YAY!! I wanted to start 4, but I read quite bit today, well I guess it would be yesterday, so I'll start later. But I'm all happy. :?

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I kinda find it hard to say which book was my favourite. I loved all of them till YOU KNOW WHAT happened in Fires of Heaven!


But enjoy, the earlier ones are the best. The later ones get to 'politicky'! And the number of characters... ahhhhh....

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Laura, what are you talking about? Lizzy has only posted that one time...weirdo.


And since I'm only starting Book 4, it's hard to say my favorite. But I do like Book 2...but I think only cuz Moiraine and Siuan were together in Fal Dara...damn I need to finish that story. Book 3 had lots of action, so it was good too. Not to mention, Liandrin came back!! But yeah....I think I'll just finish and then see what one I liked best. :love:

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