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Ok, so Marie and I were coming up with people we thought would really look like Wot characters....so here's what we have now. And let's keep this organized, ok? No trying, only doing. :love:


edit: for updated castlist go here



  1. Siuan - Uma Thurman
  2. Egwene - Winona Rider
  3. Elaida - Angelica Huston
  4. Morgase - Marg Helgenberger
  5. Cadsuane - Carrie-Ann Moss
  6. Lanfear - Catherine Zeta-Jones
  7. Semirhage - Lynn Whitfield
  8. Aviendha - Laura Prepon
  9. Moiraine - Rachel Weisz
  10. Nynaeve - Jennifer Garnier



  1. Galad - Brad Pitt
  2. Thom - Sam Elliot
  3. Moridin - Guy Pierce
  4. Rand - Jared Leto
  5. Perrin - Karl Urban
  6. Lan - Daniel Day-Lewis
  7. Mat - Orlando Bloom
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Hell, I'd do anything for a chance of oosquai.

Emily Blunt would be a great Siuan! I always like Claire Forlani for her as well. And I would say she was pretty: " She was nearly a hand taller than Moiraine and was pretty, if not quite beautif

Also I have new suggestions for Moiraine (I may be a member of a WoT casting group on facebook now cos y'know I'm still cool and all that😉) Janet Montgomery or Sarah Greene

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I think I'll leave the choice up to Jan.


Well, I'd quite like Viggo Mortensen as Lan. I took a vote in office about it, too!


We could stick a pair of blue contacts on him -- Viggo, not my office! -- and tie a cord around his head, and he'd do quite well, don't you think?


Who's Moiraine?

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*returns to topic after recieving a meaningful look from Whitty*




OOOoh! And you have Jennifer as Nynaeve!! :whitty:


And who are we gonna have for Moiraine? Did we talk about that, Marie? But I said the pic wasn't very good...or soemthing?

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