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Hell, I'd do anything for a chance of oosquai.

Emily Blunt would be a great Siuan! I always like Claire Forlani for her as well. And I would say she was pretty: " She was nearly a hand taller than Moiraine and was pretty, if not quite beautif

Also I have new suggestions for Moiraine (I may be a member of a WoT casting group on facebook now cos y'know I'm still cool and all that😉) Janet Montgomery or Sarah Greene

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Sure. I'm not sure we could afford much in the way of special effects so you'll have to make your eyes and mouth 'flaming pits of fire' with only maybe some red candy to chew and fierce eye rubbing. :P Unless you can think of another way?

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I'd like to be Lan, but I'm too short :P


Oh no, Janni, they have little boxes to stand on in case of shortness. There are camera tricks too that can making you look taller by shooting you from below. :P


*hands over the Ishy and Lan costumes*

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Your brother could play Rand, Cally. :P Can we have a cardboard cutout, or ragdoll Perrin though?


*doesn't want to play anyone* But I'll do walkons as various shadowspawn if needed. *trundles around in a giant feathered trolloc suit*

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