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Hell, I'd do anything for a chance of oosquai.

Emily Blunt would be a great Siuan! I always like Claire Forlani for her as well. And I would say she was pretty: " She was nearly a hand taller than Moiraine and was pretty, if not quite beautif

Also I have new suggestions for Moiraine (I may be a member of a WoT casting group on facebook now cos y'know I'm still cool and all that😉) Janet Montgomery or Sarah Greene

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Gah..NO NO NO NO NO NOOOO!! Fork Natalie Portman! She will NOT be Egwene!!


Keira Knightley...ok, but not as Egwene. But as an Aes Sedai, yes, she'd be a good one.


And Anne could be serious I'm sure. She's done mostly comical movies, but I'm sure she could be just as good doing a more serious role. I'm sure you never heard of this movie, The Far Side of Heaven, but she was in that, and she was good. So yeah....

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I know you guys already picked most of the cast but here are some actors that really could nail the parts.


Moiraine-Embeth Davidtz (she is the only actress I can think of that could do justice to Moiraine physically speaking)


Lan-Hugh Jackman, (Daniel Day-Lewis would be good but might remind some people too much of his role as Hawkeye in Last of the Mohicans)


A young Ashley Judd would be perfect for Nynaeve, Anne Hathaway as Egwene could work well. I really can't see Jennifer Garner as Nynaeve, IMO she is not a good actress anyways.

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Nancy...It's a group effort. I should probably add that intro to that page I was planing. Basically, if you have an idea for someone say something!


I didn't come up with Elaida, that was either Whitty or Laura, and I'm leaning towards the former.

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