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You know that you're obsessed with the Wot when...

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Twenty respones to the statement.


1: You start sounding like Uno.

2: You want to help one or more of the characters.

3: When you want to have Lanfear stilled.

4: When you say that the books have gone downhill when Moiraine vanishes.

5: That you care that Moiraine is gone.

6: When you find that you despise Rand al'Thor.

7: When you find that his wives, although hot, are just sluts not worth your attention.

8: When you daydream of killing Morgase.

9: When you daydream of killing a certain someone from the Red Ajah.

10: When you dream of Moiraine bonding you.

11: When you undergo a short delusion that number ten happened.

12: When you're sad that it was just a delusion.

13: When you fantise about being alone with a stilled Elayne, with a nice knife in hand.

14: When you say, "Bloody Whitecloak!" To anyone who is the least bit saucy-tongued toward you.

15: When you say "saucy-tongued."

16: When you idealy imagine Min being hanged to pass the time.

17: When you utterly detest the Aiel for no known reason.

18: When you're favorite surviving characters are Egwene and Perrin for no reason.

19: When you seek out a WoT forum

20: When you register on it with your real name hidden in your username.

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