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Ugh! Comic book people...


When I was looking for a site to order the 1st issue off of, I had a time let me tell you.


There were stores that had a nice deal (20% off!) but the trade off was you had to subscribe to a service. So, the comic would cost you ~$2, but you had to spend another $10 a month.


Edit: Just got an email. http://www.red-eagle-entertainment.com/shop offers subscribtions. I think Whitney and I will wait for the 1st issue to come out before doing that. Unless I decide I want two copies of the 1st issue...

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Red Eagle Entertainment is pleased to announce that the New Spring

comic series will be extended to eight issues. Although the series was

originally planned for six issues, for creative reasons, it was decided

that the story needed two additional issues in order to fully tell this

important back story to Robert Jordan

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I got the first comic in the mail today! :P Happiness. It's mostly about Lan & Bukuma. There are only a few pages of the Amyrlin's study in there, but the next comics should probably only be about Siuan and Mo, if it follows the books, so that's okay.


Moiraine has been drawn so little! You can't really tell except in one frame that is an overhead of Siuan and Mo standing together.


Tamra and Gitara look excellent, and the drawing of Tar Valon is also excellent. :razz:

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I called the place that is suppose to be sending mine on like Friday. They said they hadn't even gotten them yet, and didn't know when they would. So lame.


Uh, were you planning on telling me where so I could? :twisted:

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