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To be thoroughly perverted - Moiraine is built like either RJ, or the artist has fantasies about petite brunettes. :P Siuan is such the hottie too. What pretty eyes!


Poor things.. No wonder Lan has to scare men away from Mo, and Siuan gets chased by Bryne in later books. :wink:

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(off-topic: Not true! I don't go on msn/y because I dart back and forth between housework and the forum most of the time. :P )


I like the way the weaves were drawn, just to keep it back on topic. ;) They are very pretty.. and it's cool that Myrelle's aura is a different color. I wonder if that's because she's doing different weaves or if they intended women to have their own signature colors?

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Yes...Siuan is sexy.... :P


Yeah, that is cool about the weaves and stuff. and I thought maybe it was from the different weaves....but who knows. Guess we'll have to read it an find out...wait...you have yours... ;)

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I thought both Moiraine and Siuan were kind of cute! I know that Lan is quite awful in the comics, so I'm not that interested in him in this version.


(off topic: about Kaitlin, yeah, I agree :P *keying up Kaitlin to be on more often*)

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