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The New Spring thread

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Since I am rereading New Spring, I figured I might as well start a thread on it (I also promised Kaitlin).


Right. So. I'll just deal with my initial thoughts on the first chapter.







I find it interesting that Lan expects people to be polite to his customs, but isn't forgiving about others. He somehow thinks someone from Tear will know the "proper" way to behave around him. Having said that, I don't think RJ likes Tairen nobles: they are never portrayed very nicely. ;P


Also, Lan might not like being King, yet he wears all the trappings of his title. A bit like his future Aes Sedai who is always "Oh just call me Moiraine :D" and yet wears all her noblewoman stuff. A match made in arrogant heaven.

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I'd quite like it if a RJ's notebooks were published.

In Thom's letter Moiraine said "Heed carefully what I say."   Guess who also says such formal warnings (in face the exact same sentence)? Cadsuane. She told Moiraine that. And Moiraine didn't heed

Chapter One - Borning.


But i guess it does kind of give you a look into his past and give you a better idea of his character...or something like that.


And...yeah I kinda get what you mean about the Tairen nobles. Like, they're almost the bottom the royalty pole or something.

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I adored New Spring when it first came out because it was all about Moiraine and I enjoyed the politics of the White Tower (they've always been my favourite bit!) but...after Moiraine left Tar Valon it all got a little bit tedious, I thought. Nice fight with Merean at the end, but it didn't give us enough insight to character. I wanted a lot more juicy tidbits, not caricatures of what Moiraine and Lan were like when they were younger.


Though I suppose finding out how exactly they got together and bonded was nice...if terribly convenient.

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My favorite part was the first part with all of them in the White Tower.


The WT is most involved and interesting (to me) group, and the ins and outs of political undercurrents are some of the things RJ understands best.


It's no wonder Lan got into so much trouble in Cairhien. He seems even more oblivious than Rand and the boys when it comes to understanding other cultures. Moiraine just barreled in everywhere without taking time to test the waters. She used the Power way too much too. I can see that trend continuing past NS. Well, in the main series she was that way, but was smarter about it.

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That is interesting. But, what does Olivia think of NS, hm?


*trots out on fuzzy little white paws*


I liked NS a lot. Plenty of pillow-friendy goodness (Siuan/Mo forever!) and Moiraine PoVs, which were sadly lacking in the main series. She's actually a very funny gal to read when she's all young and naive. But still badass enough to remind me of the original mature character and why I loved her. :P


Lan was annoying, though. I kept wishing he would grow a backbone and tell that manipulative Malkieri bitch to piss off instead of acting like her whipping boy just because she deflowered him.


My favorite scene is probably when Moiraine goes looking for Siuan in those seedy taverns and keeps getting told that a pretty little thing like her will be cooked and eaten in a place like that :P And then she drugs that extortionist pimp lady with her own drugged wine and leaves while the men in the tavern rape her. And then she finally finds Siuan and they go back to their inn for hawt tickling action :P


*patters away*

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Lan was annoying, though. I kept wishing he would grow a backbone and tell that manipulative Malkieri bitch to piss off instead of acting like her whipping boy just because she deflowered him.


That was one of the things that really annoyed me about NS, I kept thinking that someone should slap Lan :P

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Awe :P She's not that bad really in the beginning of the series. She was great during the Fal Dara bits. And she was pretty cute when trying to sing at Egwene...


That woman in the tavern that was left to get raped... I didn't like that part, but what I liked about the whole thing is that Moiraine freed the others by way of feeding that asshole innkeeper her own medicine. The medicine being the incapacitated bit and not the raping part. But damn, even young Moiraine could be ice cold when it came to justice. But again :P why did the rapists get off totally free? Weird RJ logic. I guess it was just retribution for leaving people to be attacked more than the whole events that would follow.


I know the scene was set up so that there wasn't a whole lot Moiraine could have done, and it was very dramatic and all that, but why set it up that way. Yeah, maybe a little out of character for her. After all, she wanted the highwaymen rounded up and arrested (which I thought was a nice touch, and reinforced her character versus Lan).


Mo's PoVs are great. I love them too, Olivia. :D She's so entertaining. I dunno why, but it was great to me that she wanted to bring everything under the sun with her and Siuan to take down names. She brought that ointment too, due to Siuan's sucky riding. Maybe Siuan should have let her buy her a horse. :P

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