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:P I happened to be glancing through TPoD again and fell upon a reference to the first Queen of Andor, Ishara, whom all other queens claim descent from. Apparently she was black, since Elayne describes her portrait as "dark as any of the Atha'an Miere".


I found it funny because we were talking about about skin tones, hair colors, "tan" vs. "black", and how Rand's Andoran royalty genes mix with his Aiel genes. It seems the modern Andoran royal blood is quite diluted, since Elayne, Tigraine, and Dyelin (the other Lady who is also deemed to have enough blood ties to Ishara to have a decent claim to the throne) are pale and strawberry/blonde rather than dark like their badass ancestor.

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Well, that doesn't mean much to me...my grandmother was the color of a Hersey bar, and well, when I was a baby a man came up to her and was all "you had white man's baby?". It doesn't take many generations to change color if "white" people are already around.


Although, I did find that revelation about the first queen a bit funny, but seeing as how many people (myself included) completely missed Tuon being black, I imagine a lot of other WoTers missed that bit about the queen.


I also think RJ just likes to throw in some token black people...a bit like his random gay characters.

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LOL! He DOES have some weird quirks pop up. Token black guys, (Though I totally missed that Julian was black until like book 7 or 8). Gay characters. Wussy tough guys. His fascination with forced servitude. Bye and Bye curious characters. LOTS and LOTS of spankings! The man liked his spankings.

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He did do that token character stuff. I'd would have been nice to have gay characters be represented like the actual percentage of us compared to totally straight, and have some different levels of bi too. He didn't have to make a big deal out of it, just mention that so and so minor character was with somebody else the way he already does, but make them the same gender. But with black, white, and etc. he could have made everything much more even instead of just having token characters. There was no reason to have whites predominate at all.


Maybe if he was more varied we all wouldn't have missed the different descriptions sometimes. He and his vague descriptions and his slashes of cream on dresses. rolleyes.gif


And the spanking thing just proves his horniness. AS and their mortification of the flesh.


Still, in the comics the WT ladies were not even as varied as he wrote them to be. I was disappointed in that, since TV is supposed to be known for it's diversity in that continent's culture.

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I hate to say it, but they remind me of furries more than most Trolloc art. :o


Haha, you're right, they do look like furry art! I think it's the straight, clean hair and the ponytail. I always imagined Trollocs as filthy and rag-tag and mismatched. It's hard to think of a Trolloc relaxing in a tub, shampooing his hair and combing it straight :lol:

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