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A trolloc should look like a creature who would rape its own face just because its so god damned crazy. ;P


Of course, Lovecraftian as such a creature would be, it would be nigh impossible to depict it.

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Thanks, Caster!


This was the first time I've seen anything from the Ravens prologue. I'm not sure about the style either but oh well.


Rand looks questionable in that one panel with that sheep... :(


Babby Eggy, Rand, and Perrin are cute.

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I found some new WoT comic artwork (not 100% sure if it's official but it looks to be in the same style as the EotW comics so I put it in this thread rather than fanart; A Mod can correct me if I am wrong) and I have to say I like them alot!


1) This is a much better Trolloc than that other sketch I remember floating around earlier, and here's a creepy-ass Draghkar.


2) Tam finds baby Rand in the snow. I lol'd at the tiny little wisp of red hair poking out of the swaddling. :faint:


3) Here's Fain looking like an emaciated Alan Rickman on a bad day.


4) The boys about to get surprise buttsecks from a Fade :hbang:


5) The old guy who won the lottery of life by getting Mo to fall for him wearing a cloak that could double as a freaking circus tent it's so big.


6) Nyn wearing a cute frowny-face.


7) I really like this one, especially Elyas's wolf-eyes.


8) The 13 people (besides Mo) who make the series worth reading.


9) And last but definitely not least, Mo and Lan kicking some Trolloc ass!

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