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I'm almost afraid to look...




AGHH! It burns!!!


Wait...It's not that bad really...


What I like:


Moiraine with slightly curled short hair

The artist's attention to the books.


What I don't like:


Who the heck is on the spread art with her back turned to us? SHE'S WEARING BANGS!!! NO!!! SAY IT ISN'T MOIRAINE!!!




Question: Is that Siuan facing us and looking up? Isn't she a bit too pretty?

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You should know Siuan's not the pretty one. Although the way she's standing is kind of...sultry. Then again, I've been reading quite a bit of lil Lady Laura lately. But the bangs got to go. It's either long hair or bangs, not both.

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*eyes pop out of sockets, then are hurridly replaced*


Thats a lot of talking... :D


Back to the comic book...


I asked one of the Dabel brothers as to which one of the girls on the cover was Moiraine...and please don't scream when you read this next sentence...


It's the one facing the viewer... :yay::D:hug:


What WERE they thinking? Siuan with bangs? Moiraine with blue eyes?

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