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The Fate of Galina

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Kate and I were talking and I mentioned how I have a soft spot for the horndog Galina, and thus dislike her eventual fate even if she is a darkfriend.


So far there are two possible reasons I feel this way (aside from just liking Galina): 1) Anyone who can make her feel so petrified has to be even more evil than her and 2) They are not punishing her for being a darkfriend; they are just that sick themselves.

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I have a soft spot for the horndog Galina


I always had a soft spot for her too ;P Maybe just because she was one of the only unrepentant lesbians in WoT, and she got some screen time to show it off. Although the situation has all kinds of unfortunate implications that she (and fellow lesbian Therava) are utterly and irredeemably evil. ;P Somehow I found her "relationship" with Therava hot, even though it's really twisted and there are only a few non-detailed references to it. Maybe I am just that desperate to read about some more WoT pillow friends (although KoD sure had plenty of them).


And I agree with reason #2. I haven't liked the Aiel since TSR, but those Shaido are some really sick bastards. :ahug: And it's not just Therava and Sevanna; what about all the warriors who made random wetlanders into slaves, and all those Shaido men who kept raping the gai'shain women. (I think it's even implied that Alliandre was raped in the camp.)


Even though I like Galina, I don't feel sorry for her (I'm not saying whether she deserved it or not, just that I don't feel sorry) because she never once expresses genuine remorse for her crimes, even in her head. The whole thing is just another reason for me to hate the Aiel in general though. It's a close draw between them and the Seanchan for "most offensive & annoying culture in WoT" for me.

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Somehow I found her "relationship" with Therava hot, even though it's really twisted and there are only a few non-detailed references to it.




(look, it even got capitals!) :ahug:


As to Galina's fate...I too had a soft spot for her, I think it testifies to the old 'bad-guys-are-more-interesting/hot/cool' thing.


I'm not sure if I felt pity for her, or for her situation. To be honest, I think the reason I feel a twinge over Galina's fate is not because of Galina's a nice character I feel sorry for but because she's interesting and I resent the ending of her screen time.

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That sub plot always bothered me as well.


Personally I sometimes wished that Mordin had killed Sevenna and all the rest of them in passing (as he considered in COS)


I hated Galina after LOC, but she was an excellent villian! RJ actually got so dark and excessive with her torment that I wanted to see her escape. He made me feel for a character I didn't like, but in the end I detested the Shaido far more then I ever did her.


Seriously, sometimes I'd go back and reread parts of LOC just to remind myself why I disliked her in the 1st place.


I suppose it could be argued that Galina got what she deserved. But in the end the Shaido Aiel pissed me off to no end, and while the Seanchan freak me out sometimes, I still enjoyed their hook-up with Perrin.


Stories of slaves (what the Shaido and the Seanchan are all about) are incredibly ugly to me.

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So I'm rereading Lord of Chaos, and one thing that really pops out to me is how much Galina seems to hate Moiraine. Since there is no explanation for it in the books, I went to google to see if anyone had ever thought to write some half interesting fanfiction about it (I think this place has made me expect far more Moiraine related FF than actually exists).


Anyway, this thread was one of the top google hits, so I thought I would play necromancer and revive it. And also say, I too hated Galina's arc.

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