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Towers of Midnight Thread [Merged]

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Ah, the cover art of the new book. Always a lack luster performance from that god awful artist. NEVER captures the real scope of the stories, though I agree with Ash that the 1st book had a pretty cool cover. Anywho, I've clawed my way back into cyberspace again. Lovely to find you all safe and sound.


"Strum of the Harp and a sudden disappearance"

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I'm hoping she comes back normal too. If she's overly powerful she might not be the same Moiraine.   They better not make it a cliffhanger.

I'm glad to see you again, Asmo. :ddd:


This cover is not as bad as Disco Rand, I have to say. Although, I'm still not sure which guy is which except Mat. It's kind of like tSR with the anonymous woman (possibly Moiraine or Lanfear? Or Egwene. Or a random woman. Or Bela in a dress) holding some kind of plate over the fire. :razz:

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I think it's Thom opening the Tower and Noal is holding the staff... I think that THING draped over Thom's shoulders is supposed to be his patched gleeman's cloak, though I can't remember if he still actually wears that thing in the books. No idea why Noal's holding a staff though, he uses knives doesn't he? Maybe they found Mo's staff and wanted to bring it to her. :razz: (What happened to that pimp staff, anyways? I can't remember where it goes after TEotW. Did it break in the battle against Aginor and Balthamael?)


I completely agree about the nonsense of the TSR cover. I was a little offended by that cover, TBH. I think it's supposed to be Moiraine in the blue dress, even though neither she nor any of the women cook for Rand (and why is Rand wearing some 80s sweatband anyways?), and it seems like a more low-cut dress than what she would wear.


Edit: I still think LoC is the worst cover. So trashy-looking. Also, I think I've mentioned this, but my older sister (who hasn't read the books) saw me reading LoC and said the guy on the front looks like John Travolta. I have never been able to look at it the same way again.

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I couldn't agree more. TSR has one of the most GOD AWFUL covers... which is odd to me as it houses my favorite book in the Saga thus far.

LOC never really bothered me though Dumai's Wells were a bit more populated than that!


tEoTW- Alright, except for Moiraine's blonde locks and Lan as a full blown Samurai.




TDR- Odd that some of it is close but none of it is right. (Except maybe the puffy sleeved Tairens on the back)


TFOH- Not bad though Andor looks more like Akrcabah from Aladdin...


CoS- Fine, though Shadar Logoth looks like a space ship. Rand has adopted yet another face. Oh! And the artist finally started to draw what was described as a Trolloc.... only took seven books.


PODs- That actually might be the best cover. If only the book was paced a little differently I'd have more love for it. Callandor destroying everything is still one of my favorite moments in the series.


WH- Boring snowy cover. A poor choice of a moment for an excellent read.


CoT- Another everything is off. From the number of people to Tuon's hair. Hell the only moment I really recall from that one was the Messana incident. Still best name in the series (Though Towers of Midnight may change that)


KoD- Another boring moment for an exciting book. Though I do think the artist made it a bit more life like than past titles.


TGS- Least inspired name and Not a great cover for yet another excellent book. Rand has another new face. Avi looks weird and the mansion looks like a fancy barn.... What can one say. Fire the damn guy and get someone more talented.... or at least someone whom has read the whole book.


Oh, here's an idea! What moments do you think SHOULD have been the cover of the books? Perhaps your favorite? For instance, I think a force of light as Rand is getting ready to Balefire Grendael, that's a moment with visual possibility. One that could encompass without giving anything away. Like a good cover might!

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I have also found the covers of the series incredibly lackluster. Additionally, I have a very hard time pegging the architecture of Randland's main nations. What sort of time-era do they exist in? Medieval? Enlightenment? I get they lack gunpowder, but I need a frame of reference I am unable to get.

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Travis- I may be wrong but I think RJ set it in modern times (17th century) but with a delay in the kinds of technology and science that evolved around that century. Science seems to be exploding in Randland now, though.


It's sad that I have to think hard to remember all the cover art. Taking the dust jacket off the new hardbacks is the first thing I do after I buy the book.

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I'm confused, The Gathering Storm cost 22$ US. But...


Towers of Midnight cost 16$, why is it so much cheaper? Or is that just a pre-order deal? Especially since I read it will have about 10% more words.

Should I order now to save 6$? o.O *Seems BN is giving me FreeShipping...*


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