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Towers of Midnight Thread [Merged]

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I'm hoping she comes back normal too. If she's overly powerful she might not be the same Moiraine.   They better not make it a cliffhanger.

Ooh! Finally found a definition for "snubbed up", which was used in the "man in white" viewing. People all over have said "he won't return her feelings since it says she'll be snubbed" but in the context snub UP it means more like TIE UP! This is good :siuandance: I'm really curious about this potential Berelain/Galad stuff. If nothing else it will surely annoy the hell out of both Elayne and Egwene and that's awesomeness.

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Kind of doubt that...would only be one book after that left....things need to start wrapping up soon....not sure how were going to gather all the armies or whatever and march for the last battle unless everything is taken care of very soon in this book.

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