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Future of the Ajahs

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With the taint gone the primary purpose of the Red Ajah is already vanished. After the Last Battle Greens won't need to "stand ready" anymore. The very nature of the Ajah system has always seemed broken to me even so, but now moreso.

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Good question! I'd like to hear what others think too.


Me, I think Reds will either become the "investigative branch" of the AS and make sure no more BA crops up again, or they will be in charge of the AS's dealings with the Asha'man/keeping an eye on the Asha'man to make sure they don't step out of line or threaten the AS's power base. As for Greens, they will still be able to fulfill the "fighting for justice" side of their goals even after the Last Battle, since the world will still have violence and struggle.


The world is changing, and the AS will change with it. I think Egwene will do well molding the AS to their new goals, whatever those end up being.

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