The Golden Path, Part Three

The Golden Path

Part Three, Explorations

Siuan knew almost every path and corridor which led to the library and as she revealed to Moiraine a little bit later, she was one of the few people on which she could count on as far as navigation inside this vast building was concerned. Once they arrived there Moiraine was taken aback by the plenitude of knowledge that was included in the thousands volumes of books that were stored there . Her new friend seemed to notice her awe and took her hand .

-They say that it is the most complete book selection in the world ,come what would you like to begin with?

-I don not know, what do you recommend ?

-I have just the right book for this occasion, she moved towards a secluded part of the library where she picked up a rather old book.

The hour passed and weariness took over Moiraine who dozed off while Siuan was searching for something. Siuan came back to their table and she gently rocked her new friend who woke up immediately .

-You seem to be rather tired , commented Siuan

-Yeah, the trip was long and rather harsh for my standards, she replied while rubbing her hands .

-Really then you wouldn’t mind me calling you a porcelain doll, you looked so fragile before and that made me wanna hug you .

-I wouldn’t mind that , she said as she gave a sheepish smile to Siuan.

-Thanks for teasing Moiraine , I was honest with you before, she said as she slightly frowned.

-I am honest too , she replied as she moved towards the other novice, and I need someone with me now, after the dream that I had.She would not tell Siuan that the weird dream included her also .

-Why what was it that bothered your sleep dear?she embraced her friend and she felt electricity passing over her as she touched Moiraine’s cheek , that caused an instant blushing which went unnoticed by the other girl nor did Siuan notice that Moiraine blushed also .

-It was rather horrible, I saw myself running through corridors made of fire , chasing a woman who had installed fear in me but I had a feeling that it must be done for a most holly reason.After that I saw Light and then I saw you , tied up and beaten and you were immensely sad, Siuan I.. I wanted to help but I couldn’t Siuan.. at that she started weeping.

-Hey , hey it was just a dream look at me , I am here and nothing’s gonna happen , we both are strong in the One Power, she softly caressed her friends face .

-You are probably right but it hurts knowing that the one you love.. at that she instantly backed away from Siuan who was startled at that revelation, they had met hours ago and now Moiraine was telling her that she was in love with her.

-What did you mean by that?said Siuan

Moiraine was furious this time with herself she told Siuan her true feelings , she had fallen in love with her from the first time she had seen her. She was sure that she would scare her friend away, not everyone felt comfortable with this kind of live, even in Cairhien these things were not praised but not condemned either but Siuan was a seafolk’s daughter she could despise her. She would despise her but as the saying was “you know where it ends it usually depends on how you start” so she decided to reveal her true feelings.

-Look Siuan , when I first laid my eyes upon you I felt like I have not felt anything else before ,it was a strange feeling but at the same time it was so pleasant and beautiful .Anyway I don’t want to continue cos I think that you this she stopped and she looked away, afraid, for the first time since she was a child in her mother’s hands

-I would do what?You think that I would despise you?

-Well yes

-Even though we first met a few hours ago,I feel like I’ve known you since I was into my mothers womb and I am not scared since I feel the same way for you.At that she pulled Moiraine into an embrace and she gently kissed her .The two girls left the library after a while and went to their rooms.


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