The Golden Path, Part Two

The Golden Path

Part Two, An Unexpected Friend

Moiraine was taken aback by the girl , she did not know that she had understood her presence .She had to answer if she did not then the other novice might get the wrong idea.

-It is me ,Moiraine Damodred of the noble House of Damodred in Cairhien, we met briefly at the office of the Mistress of novices .

-Yes the new one, came the answer, but still you do not have the right to spy on me ,she said angrily

-Well I did not wish to disturb you at any case, I just wanted to see if you were all right, Moiraine replied at the same tone.

-I am sorry but when you clean fish you must cut the guts off first.I think that I must introduce myself, Siuan Sanche not so noble as you milady, she giggled. Do you want me to come over to your room for a proper talk?

Moiraine was somehow frustrated by Siuan’s irony but she did want a friend or someone to talk to in here or she would go crazy.

-Yes Siuan come , she said with a softer tone than before.At once she heard her heading for her room’s door.Then the fair girl came into Moiraine’s room , it was obvious that she had tried to cover her tears unsuccessfully .

-Hello Moiraine , it is nice to meet you in person , she giggled.

-And I you Siuan, tell me why was the Mistress of Novices so mad at you, she asked her.It seemed to Moiraine that the question made Siuan uneasy since she rearranged her dress.

-Well it is a long story , me and two other novices ,Leane and Sheriam you’ll meet them eventually, seem to break the nerves of two Aes Sedai and several Accepted , at that she smiled to herself.But they did bug me and I had to retaliate .You know when a squirrel teases the shark’s tail , its death is only a matter of seconds.

Moiraine did consider that the girl had some fish fetish , but she was a keen listener to her.

-That was a not wise move to do , you see when my nanny cought me pulling pranks on several members of the servants, I was a bit more diplomatic , I did not confess everything or I was a bit more circumspect.It is something that is learned while playing the Game of Houses.Moiraine did not usually flatter like that , she was a reserved young Lady who happened to shock everyone with her extended knowledge of the world around her.

-Well I haven’t heard of that game ..It might be one of the spare time activities that the nobles do, Siuan was rather confused -even though nothing confused too much as that.But lets forget about that , I am sure that you are dying out of curiosity to learn secrets of the White Tower or what us novices have to do on daily basis .

-Well .. she tried to reply but Siuan interrupted her

-We study about the One Source and saidar and how to develop our skills, she turned her back to Moiraine and paced to the other side of the small room, and , she said as she turned towards the other novice , do the errands that the Aes Sedai apply to us.When she mentioned these words she frowned.Anyway would you like to be my friend?Most girls are sort of intimidated when they meet me , only Sheriam and Leane seem to not be so afraid of me..

-Be afraid of what, Moiraine replied as she came closer to her

-Of my power , they say that I am quite powerful in the Source, and you as I have heard are even more powerful than me, so what do ya think will you be my friend?

Moiraine touched gently Siuan’s shoulder and whispered to her

-I will be your friend for other reasons, formy admiration and respect of your character and attitude and because you are the only one with whom I feel comfortable in the tower so far, she smiled at the girl.

-Thanks , she said while she tried to restrain the blushing from her face, Moiraine saw that and she tried to repress a giggle .

-Well I would like to have a look in the library, would you care to show me around?And on the way to tell me something more about you?

-Sure, Siuan replied while they both turned to the door and left the room.

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