Warning! There are spoilers ahead, and if you haven’t read to the latest book, and want it to be a surprise, just keep on moving! This goes for you show-only people as well.

New Spring: The Novel

{Ch.2} Moiraine and Siuan are in attendance to the Amyrlin Seat, Tamra Ospenya, and the Keeper of the Chronicles, Gitara Moroso. Gitara has a Foretelling about the Dragon being reborn, the shock of which kills her. Tamra orders them to say nothing of these events.
{Ch.3} Moiraine and Siuan practice with Myrelle for the testing of the shawl. Tarna interups, informing them the Amyrlin has summomed all Accepted. Tamara tells them that Tar Valon will be giving a bounty to all children born within a set time period.
{Ch.4} Accepted leave the Tower ground and Tar Valon to start collecting names for the bounty. Siuan and Moiraine are frustrated at not being able to get near Dragonmount.
{Ch.5} Moiraine and Siuan get an unexpected visit by Meilyn and Elaida at their campsite. Merean summons Moiraine after getting back and informs her her uncles, including King Lamen, have died. Moiraine sleeps in Siuan’s bed that night, although neither sleep well.
{Ch.6} Merean has Moiraine and Siuan copy names from lists. They make their own list in hopes of finding the Dragon Reborn. A Sitter from each Ajah questions Moiraine about the Sun Throne, hinting she might be Queen. Elaida drops by as well.
{Ch.7} Tamra has Moiraine and Siuan continue copying names. Tamra sends messages to various Aes Sedai via Moiraine and Siuan; they believe these Aes Sedai will be hunting for the Dragon.
{Ch.8} Elaida visits Moiraine, Siuan, and Myrelle while they are practicing for the test. In doing so, she nearly helps them to cheat but caused great pain and suffering, yet Heals them in the morning after multiple nights of doing so. Moiraine is summoned to be tested for the shawl of an Aes Sedai.
{Ch.9} Merean takes Moiraine to the bottom of the Tower where she begins her test.
{Ch.10} Moiraine finishes her test and passes. Siuan was summoned for hers and passes, as well. Last night as Accepted, they prank Elaida with mice.
{Ch.11} Moiraine and Siuan are taken back down the depths of the Tower and are raised to Aes Sedai, both choosing the Blue Ajah, then are taken back to the Blue quarters.
{Ch.12} They learn from Eadyth, the First Selector, of having to defer to a sister of higher power. Cetalia, Blue eyes-and-ears, recruits Siuan. Moiraine is set to distribute the bounty. Moiraine Heals Siuan to help with the tightness of the Oaths, and Siuan repays with a kiss.
{Ch.13} Moiraine goes to the bank, where she learns just how much the Tower want her on the throne, and others do not. Her and Siuan go to a seamstress to have dresses made.
{Ch.14}Tamra dies, and Sierin Vayu becomes the new Amyrlin Seat. Moiraine disobeys her order, and leaves the Tower in search of the boychild.
{Ch.17} Cadsuane finds Moiraine, Larelle, and Merean at the inn Moiraine was staying at. Cadsuane orders Moiraine to go with Larelle and Merean.
{Ch.18} Siuan finds Moiraine after looking for her. All of Tamra’s chosen are being killed off. Moiraine leaves the inn, disobeying Cadsuane’s orders.
{Ch.19} Moiraine meets Lan, Bukama, and Ryne. Lan throws her in a cold pond, she later that night repays in kind.
{Ch.20} They ride together toward Chachin, stoping at Manala and Canluum. Lan starts to believe Moiraine is Aes Sedai, until she acts childish again.
{Ch.21} They encounter bandits, but Moiraine reveals she is Aes Sedai and they take off after Lan threatens them. Moiraine makes hardships for Lan every night. They are attacked by an assassin: Lan is shot, but Moiraine Heals him. The assassin, Caniedrin, dies.
{Ch.22} Lan parts ways with Moiraine upon reaching Chachin.
{Ch.23} Moiraine searches the city looking for Siuan. Siuan finds her instead, and they decide they have to get into Aesdairshar Palace.
{Ch.24} Moiraine and Siuan make it into the Palace, Moiraine being herself,a lady of House Damordred, and Siuan as her servent, Suki.
{Ch. 25} Moiraine runs into Merean. Moiraine asks Lan to have Bukama follow Merean.
{Ch. 26} Bukama dies from Ryne, a Darkfriend. Moiraine realizes Merean is Black Ajah and goes after her and kills her with a knife in battle. Lan kills Ryne.
{Epilogue} Siuan and Moiraine figure out the Black Ajah are starting to kill men who are lucky, not knowing who the Dragon Rebon is or how old he may be. Moiraine bonds Lan to her as her Warder.

The Eye Of The World

{Ch.2} Meets and talks to Mat, Rand, and Ewin. Gives each a coin.
{Ch.4} Disrupts Thom’s preview proformance, not on purpose, and they briefly speak.
[between Ch.] Attacks Trollocs and a Fade.
{Ch.7} Discussing the attack with Lan. Rand aks her, and she agrees to, heal his father.
{Ch.8} Heals Tam and tells Rand he has to leave Edmond’s Field.
{Ch.9} Confronted by a crowd of village men, she tells of Manethreren.
{Ch.10} Leaves Emond’s Field with the three boys, Egwene, and Thom.
{Ch.11}They ride for awhile. Moiraine takes away the horses’ fatigue. Rand spots a Draghkar and they gallop to Taren Ferry.
{Ch.12} They board a ferry and Moiraine creates a fog. When they reach the other side she sinks the ferry in a whirlpool. They go to a nook in the woods. Moiraine tells Egwene she can channel.
{Ch.13} Moiraine uses the OP to give more energy to the group. Moiraine says she’ll kill the boys before letting the Dark One have them. Rand spys on Egwene and Moiraine’s conversation. The group arrives in Bearlon and go to the Stag and Lion inn.
{Ch.14} Moiraine and Lan tell of the gossip they heard.
{Ch.16.} Nynaeve confronts Moiraine.
{Ch.17} Moiraine and the group dance to Thom’s music. A Fade confronts Rand, and the group leaves. At the gate Whitecloaks try to prevent their leaving; Moiraine does a “growing” trick with the OP.
{Ch.18} The group rides for about three days when they are attacked by large numbers of Trollocs lead by Fades. Moiraine does numerous things to try and escape, but they must take shelter in Shadar Logoth.
{Ch.19} Moiraine is weak and takes some of Nynaeve’s herbs. After Lan returns from his searching, he tells her there are Trollocs in the city.
{Ch.20} While they are riding Mashadar appears and Trollocs attack, breaking up the group.
{Ch.21} Moiraine tells Nynaeve she can channel. The two women and Lan then ride south.
{Ch.28} They arrive at Whitebridge then head east.
{Ch.37} At the Whitecloak camp where Perrin and Egwene are held, Moiraine calls down lightning.
{Ch.39} With Perrin and Egwene the group heads south.
{ch.41} They rejoin Rand and Mat. Moiraine heals Matt of the dagger somewhat.
{Ch.42} She meets Loial and they speak.
{Ch.43} They make plans to go through the Ways. Moiraine heals Rand of a dream wound.
{Ch.45} They travel through the Ways barely escaping Machin Shin.
{Ch.46} They go to Fal Dara and talk to Lord Agelmar. Fain arrives.
{Ch.47} Moiraine and Lan return and tell the group of Fain’s true nature.
{Ch.48} The party rides through the Blight.
{Ch.49} They arrive at the place of the Green Man.
{Ch.50} The Green Man takes them to the Eye of the World. Aginor and Balthamel show up. Moiraine attacks Aginor and his counterstrike hurts her dearly.
{Ch.52} Moiraine, Egwene, and Nynaeve hear of Rand’s actions.
{Ch.53} They return to Fal Dara. Moiraine eavesdrops on Rand.

The Great Hunt

{pre-Ch. 1} Goes off to be alone then returns to Fal Dara.
{Ch. 4-5} Meets with Siuan Sanche.
{Ch. 6} Interrupts Liandrin’s “questioning” of Rand. Finds Egwene and Mat in Fain’s cell.
{Ch. 7} Heals Mat with the Amyrlin and others. Verin discovers Moiraine and Siuan’s plans, somewhat.
{Ch. 8} Moiraine, Siuan, and Verin have a meeting with Rand, and discuss it afterwards. Nynaeve exchanges a few words with Moiraine.
{Ch. 12} Leaves Fal Dara with the other Aes Sedai and the girls. Before boarding a ship Anaiya tells Egwene Moiraine and Lan are two days gone.
{Ch. 22} Moiraine and Lan are at Adeleas and Vandene’s house in Arafel. Tells Lan she has arranged for his bond to pass in the event of her death. Has an encounter with a Draghkar. Arranges for a letter to the Tower and prepares to leave.
{Ch. 49} Moiraine tells Rand that she did not send Verin and about what Fain really is. Helps push Rand to proclaiming himself.

The Dragon Reborn

{Ch. 2} Moiraine meets with the Tinker woman, Leya.
{Ch. 3} Gives the group the news the Tinker woman gave her.
{Ch. 5} Moiraine and company fight Trollocs. Moiraine, weak from the fighting and Healing, faints after seeing to Rand’s wound.
{ Ch. 6} Perrin finds Moiraine pacing in her hut. She shows him Rand’s letter. Prepares to follow Rand.
{Ch. 7} Moiraine, Lan, Perrin, and Loial go into the mountains in search of Rand’s trail. Catches some fish with the One Power.
{Ch. 8} they arrive in the town of Jarra. Looks at a man who can talk with wolves.
{Ch. 9} Has a conversation with Perrin.
{Ch. 33} The company rides into Remen.
{Ch. 34} Hear word of the Prophet. Perrin walks in on Moiraine brushing her hair in nothing but an unbound robe. They converse.
{Ch. 35} They group leaves and boards a ship; Faile joins them.
{Ch. 36} Perrin tells Moiraine of his dream.
{Ch. 41} For lack of a better way of putting it, Faile gets on Moiraine’s nerves. Arrive in Illian.
{Ch. 42} Come to Easing The Badger Inn. Moiraine inquires about the innkeeper’s dreams, as well as other matters. Says she must do something that night, Perrin smells a brief moment of fear. Acts withdrawn through the dinner. An encounter with Gray Men ensues. Leaves the inn without lan against his protests.
{Ch. 43} Moiraine states that a Forsaken rules Illian.
{Ch. 44} The company leave with Darkhounds on their heels. Moiraine uses Balefire on them.
{Ch. 50} They arrive in Tear. Go to an inn called the Star. Moiraine has a conference with the group, and says another Forsaken is in Tear.
{Ch. 53} Faile ends up in a trap meant for Moiraine. Her and Lan leave for the Stone.
{Ch. 55} Moiraine kills Be’lal with Balefire. Is tossed aside by black lighting.
{Ch. 56} Talks with Nynaeve, Elayne, Egwene and Mat.

The Shadow Rising

{Ch. 3} After being sent for by Perrin, she heals Rand’s wounds from the “bubble of evil”.
{Ch. 6} After coming back to the “interrogating” room rather upset, Moiraine discusses Rand, love, Black Ajah, and the doorway ter’angreal with Nynaeve, Elayne, and Egwene.
{Ch. 10} Moiraine and Lan come upon Rand trying to Heal a dead girl after the Trolloc attack on the Stone.
{Ch. 12} She talks about the letter she received from Amys.
{Ch. 15} Moiraine goes into the doorway ter’angreal and comes out to find Rand and Mat.
{Ch. 17} Thom finds her going through his things. She bribes him into going to Tanchico.
{Ch. 21} With Egwene in tow, attends Rand’s announcement, and hears of his plans to go to the Waste.
{Ch. 22} Her and Lan are part of the entourage that goes to the Waste through the Portal Stone.
{Ch. 23} Moiraine has a meeting with the Wise Ones where they tell her about the rings. Later, she strips and runs to Rhuidean.
{Ch. 34} Moiraine returns from Rhuidean sunburned and exhausted.
{Ch. 35} In a sweat tent Egwene gets her to talk a small bit about the rings.
{Ch. 36} Heads out with Aiel to Alcair Dal.
{Ch. 37} At Imre Stand there is a Trolloc attack.
{Ch. 48} They arrive in Cold Rocks Hold.
{Ch. 49} Lian welcomes them.
{Ch. 50} There is an attack by Trollocs and Draghkar.
{Ch. 57-58} Is present when Rand proclaims to be the true Car’a’carn and all clans but Shaido acknowledge him.

The Fires of Heaven

{Ch. 2} Moiraine talks to Rand about the seals and his next move.
{Ch. 6} After the attack by Darkhounds, she explains more about them and Balefire. She then gives an oath to him.
{Ch. 7} Moiraine oversees the wagons carrying the angreal, sa’ angreal, and ter’ angreal. She thinks about her time in the rings.
{Ch. 15} Egwene tells Moiraine about the news she learned from Nyneave.
{Ch. 20} They arrive at Jangai Pass to find the town of Taien ransacked by Couladin.
{Ch. 22} The camp is attacked by the Dark.
{Ch. 23} They come into Cairhien.
{Ch. 30} In Eianrod Rand recalls that Moiraine had started bringing him his meals, in order to bestow her knowledge on him.
{Ch. 31} Rand can only “get rid” of Moiraine by direct order.
{Ch. 41} Rand begins preparations for fight with Shaido, without Moiraine’s approval.
{Ch. 43} She Heals the battle wounded.
{Ch. 44} Moiraine is showing signs of exhaustion from all the Healing. Earlier she forced Asmodean to carry water.
{Ch. 45} Moiraine collapses after Healing Rand (you’d think she was Yellow, with all this Healing).
{Ch. 46} Moiraine examines the doorway ter’angreal in Kadere’s wagon.
{Ch. 51} She gives Rand letters from Elaida and Alviarin, and they hear about Morgase’s supposed death.
{Ch. 52}Moiraine hands two letters to Rand: one for him, one for Thom. A little later that morn, she pushes Lanfear through the doorway ter’angreal.

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