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Found 11 results

  1. Vague title, yes. But! Do you think the Aes Sendai can indeed craft for our fave Bard a Warder cloak with patches?
  2. i was wondering...do you think moiraine was able to dream while trapped in finnland?
  3. we've had it all wrong all this time. Moiraine will wear Thom's cloak to the Big Meeting. Rand will just make everyone else wear gleeman's cloaks so she doesn't feel embarassed.
  4. Every time I read that line I wonder if he means "held back" in life in general or held back from boning Moiraine in Tear.
  5. Considering Moiraine has reached legendary status amongst channelers but is now also very very very weak in the Power, do you think she might hasten a change in how Aes Sedai rank themselves by pure strength? Not necessarily directly as in her driving for the change, but just her clearly being skilled and capable no matter her ability.
  6. I'm hoping a bunch of turkeys wander by and lay eggs while they're sleeping.
  7. Do you think the Wise Ones knew about Laman chopping down Avendoraldera, the sapling given by the Aiel to the Cairhienin as thank-you for sharing water during the Breaking? You would think they saw it happening in dreams, or noticed a change in Tel'aran'riod. If they knew what happened did they also know what would happen afterward? How could they know everything so clearly. They must have been able to see much more than what Egwene sees in her own visions, who is a powerful dreamer in her own right. Did they also know that Moiraine would be trapped with the elfin and that she would b
  8. Deadsy's new topic made me remember something. While waiting for the rescue all these years it never occurred to me that Mat wouldn't have left some gear and food outside the tower. Plus, Momo went through a flaming doorway. Her dress would have at least been singed and mighty stinky. What gives?
  9. I don't hate Faile. I just added her name in because Perrin is bad at keeping secrets. So Faile probably knows about the rescue too. Actually her spies probably do too. Stupid Perrin. Anyway, the point is, I want them all to die so no one knows where Mat and Thom are, because then they'll be stranded and have to walk to Shayol Ghul. I actually don't have much more to say than that. I just know that most of us want the book to be about Thom, Mat, and Moiraine hanging out or travelling by foot in the wilderness, and I believe I've come up with a viable way for that to happen. and Z
  10. This is a bit early and I'll probably bump it closer to the release date... but I was just thinking about the last book. If there's a whole bunch of crap to sift through at the beginning I'm totally skipping 'til I see her name . After that I won't skip anymore though. I think she'll be a major part of Rand's plotline so I won't need to skip. And if she's not there will be heck to pay.
  11. Because this is one of the more important questions to be answered in the upcoming final tome: what shall Moiraine wear at the Big Ol' Meeting?
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