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    aMoL Reactions. What did you think?

  2. Erika

    Movie Cast

    no no, they need to make sure Moiraine is done right 😥
  3. Erika

    Random XV

    I am glad it is the weekend!!
  4. It's good to have a safe place to go to!!
  5. Erika

    What are you reading? II

    Death Note
  6. Erika

    Movie Cast

    That first photo looks like Moiraine cosplay!!
  7. Erika

    aMoL Reactions. What did you think?

    I almost forgot about Lanfear! I suppose that means it was a forgetable death as well
  8. Erika

    TV show finally happening!!!

    Thom would be a very old father
  9. Erika

    Random XV

    Yes, I like the new forums. ❤️
  10. Erika

    TV show finally happening!!!

    This is fantastic news, I am so happy 😁
  11. With the series finally over and complete, how would you say your feelings have evolved from the start to the end? If at all? For me, the character I have changed the least about is Moiraine. I loved her from the start and still do. Min is a character I never really thought much of, then began to dislike her a tiny bit, but now I like her the most out of Rand's three. Rand I liked a little during the first book, I did find him a little annoying, but he was young. I am not sure I like him at all now. He just got more annoying to me as time went on! Mat/Perrin have not changed much either but I do like Mat a little more since saving Moiraine. I've warmed up to Tuon and Elayne but I still find them very arrogant and demanding and not always very bright! Egwene matured but I do not know if I would say for the better. Thom I like a whole lot more now, not that I ever disliked him, I was just unsure of how his story arc would go.
  12. Erika

    aMoL Reactions. What did you think?

    It took me a rather long time to get to the end of it. I did not want it to end but it also was not as exciting as I had originally hoped for. There were not many reunions and the ones we did get were very short and didn't feel all that meaningful to me. It was not a bad book, just not as great as I was expecting and hoping.
  13. Erika

    Moiraine wedding

    There are lots of things I might embrace if given no choice -- like Thom and Moiraine -- but I draw the line at imagining Nynaeve (or Momo) "pumping one out"! Nynaeve would have to bear Lan an heir at least! I do not know how I feel about Moiraine having children, however....
  14. Erika

    aMoL Reactions. What did you think?

    I am very sad about there being no Siuan and Moiraine reunion! There was also far too much Perrin compared to Rand who was actually fighting the Last Battle. The ending was very short and not all that satisfying for me. The three women were horrible at hiding that Rand wasn't dead. If that was there goal then they should have played the part of mourning women.
  15. Erika

    Actor for Darlin

    This was a hard choice.
  16. Yes. Moiraine hated that braclet but now she is stuck with it. Maybe she will see it as a symbol of her overcoming her torture.
  17. Erika

    moiraine dreaming

    I think she might have been able to dream but as you say being in another diminsion would have prevented the Dreamers from seeing. But I also think they kept her in the dark for most of majority of the time, in a dreamless state.
  18. Erika

    Asha'men and the Aes Sedai

    I have wondered this for a good while, on whether or not the Asha'men will eventually merge with the White Tower and simply become Aes Sedai (again). Well, maybe not 'merge' as in everyone in the same building (they would kill each other...) but both being Aes Sedai as in days past.
  19. The title says it all really, but considering how well he upstaged Gawyn and Galad with a quarterstaff in the past, do you think he would be more dangerous than a blademaster now?
  20. Considering Moiraine has reached legendary status amongst channelers but is now also very very very weak in the Power, do you think she might hasten a change in how Aes Sedai rank themselves by pure strength? Not necessarily directly as in her driving for the change, but just her clearly being skilled and capable no matter her ability.
  21. The Seanchan believe that the Dragon will kneel before the Empress and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas or theories on how or if that will come to pass? Especially considering it is a 'false' prophecy
  22. Perrin or Egwene? Egwene seems to have more experience, perhaps, but in my opinion Perrin seemed to take to it more naturally and faster.