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  1. He did, but was Demandred not a bit softened by Galad and Gawyn? Lan is definitely in my top 3, but I wonder if he should be no. 1? Rand (two handed) would be in my top 3 as well as he killed at least one blade master in a duel (the Seanchan in book 2) Galad had killed Eamon Valda, supposedly the greatest blademaster among the Whitecloaks. He could be in top 5 as well.
  2. Now that the series is done, who is the best blade master of them all? PS: I could not go through all the threads on the forum to confirm if there was another thread about this
  3. Woah I made a new thread for this on Kesiera before finding this one *covers from the admins*
  4. I have always imagined Alanna Moswani is still alive for that purpose alone
  5. I don't know if this has already been discussed .... did everyone see 'Inception' ?
  6. That's great!! Congrats!
  7. Cricket commentary - Pak vs Aus, 1st test.
  8. I am fine guys, thanks. Still not done with my masters, working as an intern these days.
  9. Well, sorry to disappoint you Olivia. I was Ajit before, now the Dark One has reincarnated me as IshmaelMoridin
  10. I always thought MI5==FBI, MI6==CIA.
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